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How to select a bank software application

5 Secrets for Selecting Bank Software

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“When moving from a paper-based system to an electronic document management system, banks still have to image paper documents and/or upload image files to the in-house or cloud server.......Once document are in electronic format,though,banks will no longer need to rely on paper-based files.

-BankNews, May 2012 about AccuSystems - Read Article

AccuSystems services over 200 banks throughout North America with its proprietary software, predominately used for managing loan file imaging and advance bank document management.
Where to Allocate Your Time
Before beginning any project, ask yourself the following questions to insure smooth and easy implementation: What is the issue to be solved?  What are the business objectives?  Which departments will be affected?  Which individuals will be involved?  Answering these primary questions from the onset will save time, as all parties involved will know the game plan.
How to Achieve ROI
The Return on Investment Analysis (ROI) communicates the savings that will be achieved with the implementation of a more efficient system or process.  Tangible savings can occur if the new system saves time, space, employee travel, or employee preparation and review time.  Intangible savings can include reduced risk, greater security, and  disaster avoidance.
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