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AccuAccount Xpress - Create Peace of Mind

AccuAccount Xpress is an affordable, imaging and document management application designed specifically for the needs of community banks and institutions.
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Larger banks have always had the resources to acquire document management systems. Until recently, there were very few options for community banks and institutions. AccuAccount Xpress is an affordable, imaging and document management application designed specifically for the needs of community banks and growing institutions. Available as either a cloud-based solution or hosted in-house at your institution, AccuAccount Xpress creates accessibility, efficiency, accountability, and control within your loan portfolio and deposit accounts.
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Improve Performance Of Your Loan Portfolio & Accounts
AccuAccount Xpress will create peace of mind in your institution by improving the overall performance of your loan portfolio. The system was designed to mirror your current file structure and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from your desktop computer. In studies with our customers, AccuAccount Xpress has consistently demonstrated a return on investment within 13 months. And since the pricing is an affordable monthly fee, your institution can limit expenditures while streamlining loan document management processes. Learn how AccuAccount Xpress can deliver peace of mind:
  • Easy Access to Files - Create real access by scanning or uploading documents to AccuAccount Xpress.
  • Trusted Platform - AccuAccount was built specifically for financial institutions and serves 1,586 lenders, managing portfolios worth over $27.9 billion.
  • Easy to Use - Each customer home page includes a master credit file and individual loan files. Red and green indicators help organize available and missing documents.
  • Cost Effective - With flexible hosting options, AccuAccount Xpress is the most affordable solution available. Save time and money by reducing couriers, travel costs, and redundant processes.
  • Streamline Workflows - Integrates imaging, exception management, and reporting into a single platform.
  • Account Management - Also helps institutions manage deposit account information.
AccuAccount Xpress is the most innovative account management solution commercially available. Fill out the form on this page and your account rep will contact you to provide you a no hassle, free product demo.

"...Xpress is a perfect fit for banks with less than $300 million in assets, although it would work well for any financial institution with less-complicated loan portfolios....”

Bank News: New Era of Document Management, May 2012
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