AccuAccount’s Interface with American Flood Research (AFR)

American Flood Research, Inc. (AFR) allows customers to request flood certificates online. AccuAccount includes a flex field which can be used to initiate a request to AFR; AccuAccount’s interface runs and creates the request for AFR and posts it to them. The returned document is automatically saved in the appropriate account in AccuAccount. In the event that the flood certificate is not returned, the request will be pended and AccuAccount will wait for the certificate.

Stop Manually Uploading Flood Zone Determinations

AFR Interface for AccuAccount Will Save Your Institution Time & Money

Many financial institutions utilize flood zone determination services, such as AFR. However, to date, if you wanted to get reports from AFR into your document management software, there was a log of manual work involved.

With AccuAccount’s Interface with AFR, you can bypass much of the administrative work associated with pulling flood zone determinations. Simply log into AccuAccount, make your selection, and once your report is ready it will automatically appear in your AccuAccount dashboard.

Process Comparison

Take a Look at How Much Time Your Institution Can Save with Our Interface

Old Process

  • Log into AFR web portal
  • Fill in the required fields
  • Order flood determination
  • Wait for, check the status of, and receive order
  • Download report locally to your workstation
  • Re-key information into AFR from AccuAccount
  • Upload image into AccuAccount

New Process (With Our Interface)

  • Edit the collateral
  • Set the flex field value to “Ordered”
  • Our interface does the rest!
Point & Click

Manage your flood certificates with just a few clicks within AccuAccount.

Less Scanning & Indexing

Flood certificates automatically appear in your AccuAccount. No more printing, scanning, and uploading them into AccuAccount.

Save Time

AccuAccount and AFR work together to save you time.

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