[Webinar] Reduce Stress with Better Scanning

Feeling stressed? As more documents, emails, and other forms of communication arrive at your bank, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In our recent webinar, “Reduce Stress with Better Scanning,” we offer a strategy for minimizing effort (and stress). Fill out the form to watch the full webinar recording.

How Can My Institution Use this Video?

This video provides an in-depth introduction to bank document scanning best practices. By watching this video, you’ll learn about different options for reducing the amount of scanning your institution must do. You’ll also learn about different scanning best practices.

New Customers

Learn what to do with new customer documents as they are generated.

Trailing Documents

Manage the influx of trailing documents and how this relates to your exception management process.

Electronic Files

Minimize scanning altogether by keeping electronic documents in their native format.

About AccuSystems

AccuSystems provides quality document imaging solutions for over 200 community and regional banks. Our electronic imaging and intelligent document management tools make AccuSystems the clear choice for loan file imaging and advanced bank document management.

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