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It’s about time for a paperless advantage

Looking for a bank document management platform to streamline operations and improve efficiencies? If your bank has considered going to a “paperless” system, you may already understand the difference between simple electronic document repositories and loan portfolio software. The difference is in the ability to actively manage loans, exceptions, and other bank files. Bank document management software systems are known for their ability to track missing, expired, or out of compliance documents. In addition, such systems are typically used by banks to coordinate the various aspects of loan document management, such as the loan perfection process, technical exceptions, internal auditing, and bank regulatory compliance.

Bank document management software, such as our AccuAccountplatform, eliminates the need to manage multiple tickler and imaging repository systems. In addition, document management systems mitigate the need to manage most paper bank files.

AccuSystems’ loan document management software has the ability to set up the various typical exceptions and parameters automatically, through a nightly core download option. This includes document, technical, and policy exceptions as well as the ability to track loan classifications.

This level of automation helps your institution reduce compliance issues and increase productivity. With the banking document management software from AccuSystems, managing loan files is easier than ever.

Why Should My Bank Trust AccuSystems for Its Document Management Needs?

  • Eliminates need for multiple exception tracking & tickler systems.
  • Reduces a bank’s susceptibility to information loss or theft.
  • Streamlines bank productivity through instant search functions, thus improving the overall profitability of the bank.
  • Features a seamless, integrated combination of document management and document imaging software.
  • Improves control of all bank documents, by providing a “digital backup” of all files.
  • Enhances internal processes through integrated workflows.
  • Delivers transparency, accountability, and control to management and your board of directors.

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Download a Bank Document Management Study of 103 Community Institutions

Interested in finding out more about how a bank document management system can help your organization. We would invite you to start by downloading our recent study of 103 community banks. In the study, we take a closer look at the value of electronic imaging and management and offer best practices from those surveyed. In addition, we would also be glad to give you a free, no obligation demo of our banking document management system. Our team at AccuSystems is committed to identifying a bank software solution that meets your needs. Whether you are a small community bank with a few branches or a large national bank with many locations, AccuSystems has a document management solution for you.

Download the Study of 103 Bankers >>

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