Exception Tracking

Exception Tracking Automation

Is your financial institution efficiently tracking exceptions? Many banks are still managing exceptions manually. Tracking exceptions and updating expiring documents with spreadsheets, index cards, and manual entry is cumbersome and can be unreliable. With AccuAccount, exception tracking is managed accurately and efficiently with a dynamic, centralized electronic database.

Integrated Imaging

Integrated solution offering bank imaging and exception tracking.

Simplified Scanning

Makes scanning and accessing electronic versions of bank documents just a click away.

Exception Rerporting

Built-in custom and scheduled reporting simplifies compliance.

Boost Productivity

Save time and streamline productivity and elevate bank profitability.

15,000+ Bankers
Use Our Software

AccuSystems’ software platform makes exception tracking easier than ever. The AccuSystems name has been trusted for over two decades by banks throughout the United States for loan management, bank document management, advanced bank document imaging, and more. 

Track Missing Documents, Policy Exceptions, & More

Manual document tracking is not only challenging, it’s also error-prone. In addition to asking for current financials and insurance documents from customers, your staff must also remember to plan future exceptions. Failing to collect important customer documents can leave your institution exposed to untold risk.

Compare this process to a more integrated approach, which leverages an exception automation platform such as AccuAccount. Within AccuAccount, financial institutions can assign any combination of: missing files, expiring files, or policy. They can also choose to assign no exceptions at all. Reduce risk, increase transparency, and deliver a more favorable customer experience today.

Accusystems works closely with its customers to understand bank document management needs. The company prides itself on staying current on important trends relating to: bank compliance, evolving audit requirements, regulatory compliance, lending trends, and more. The bank imaging technology from AccuSystems was designed to help your bank manage all of these issues, improving operational efficiencies and bottom line performance.

Take a proactive approach to bank document organization with AccuSystems’ proven software.

Why AccuAccount & Not a Tickler?

Here are just a few reasons why an integrated exception tracking system like AccuAccount is better than a bank tickler system:

  • Improves cross-branch information sharing and communication versus traditional “manual” tickler systems.
  • Integrated version also interfaces with internal bank departments, such as accounts payable, contracts, etc.
  • Streamlines workflows and improves bank operations.
  • Eliminates dependency on manual tickler files.
  • Reduces misallocation of full-time employees by reducing administrative workload.
  • Improves customer satisfaction by reducing the number of errant notice letters and follow-up phone calls.
  • Creates additional visibility for senior management, loan administrators, and lenders.
Imaging Software for Loan Administrators

See Our Software in Action

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