Deposit Tracking

Deposit Tracking System for Banks

Deposit tracking can be extremely complex without the proper technology. To ensure your bank is properly managing its deposit accounts, you need a system that offers the right mix of efficient imaging, tracking, and reporting. Using AccuAccount as your deposit tracking system can be an excellent way to achieve this goal.

AccuSystems’ bank document imaging solution for deposit tracking and signature files improves the customer service function by providing instant access to vital deposit information, such as: signature authorizations, account details, approved users, and other relevant details. In addition, the software reduces unnecessary risk by simplifying account verification and signature imaging. All customer-specific documents are stored together in a single record that can be accessed by multiple users at multiple locations.

Deposits teams can use AccuAccount to streamline banking operations, reduce risk, and improve overall customer satisfaction. More than 15,000 bankers across the United States use AccuAccount.

Potential Benefits of Using AccuAcount

Our deposit tracking system helps financial institutions effectively manage and report on customer and account information. Having an electronic database of your customer’s most important information is an intangible asset for your bank. With the click of a mouse, your team can instantly view customer documents, signature cards, and other important information—without digging through paper file folders.

Reduced Reliance on Hard Copy Documents & Folders

Centralized System for Deposit Documentation & Files

Increased Efficiency through Core Integration

Streamlined Back-Office Support

Instant Access to Customer & Account Activity



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