Desktop vs. Barcode Scanning: Which is Better for Your Bank?

How does your bank capture document images? Do you use a traditional desktop scanning method, or do you prefer working with barcode scanners?

With the traditional direct scanning method, you simply scan an individual document into your system. Barcode scanning allows you to print barcodes and image multiple items without needing to scan each individual document.

AccuAccount makes it easy to use both scanning methods. Let’s take a look at how you can use these functionalities in the system.

Direct Scanning

Most document management systems facilitate direct (aka “desktop”) scanning. For example, in AccuAccount, you can directly scan a document from the customer page if you have the appropriate permissions.

You’ll have the opportunity to change the document title, date, status, or text color. You can also add comments. When you click on the scan button, you’ll launch the scanner and the document will be scanned.

After the document is scanned, you’ll see an onscreen preview. In this preview mode, you’ll have the ability to zoom in or out and rotate the document. The upper left corner of the document will include the automatic date stamp by default. At this point you can scan in additional documents. Choose whether the documents should appear before or after the current page prior to scanning.

The documents will be shown on the customer page as they were saved in the onscreen preview. After you return to the customer page, simply refresh the page to see the documents displayed. Hover over or click on comments to view them. You can also view the scanned document by clicking on the icon.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning can increase efficiency when you’re working with multiple documents. You can print individual barcodes by selecting the print barcode link in the edit document tab. Print mass barcodes with the print barcodes feature. There are areas for credit, account, and collateral documents.

You can view a list of all of the barcode sheets (such as driver’s license, risk assessment worksheet, tax documents, etc.) that are set to “required” for a selected customer in AccuAccount. Use the print preview feature to view all of the barcodes, then simply select the specific pages you need (or print them all).

Barcodes can also be printed in mass from the barcodes link in the reporting section. You can select specific types of barcodes. If you choose to print barcodes in mass, you will receive all of the barcodes, whether or not they are set to “required.” To save time, you can scan your credit, loan, and account documents together.

In addition, AccuAccount users can even scan credit documents even if the user does not yet have an account.

Launch the scanner software by clicking “scan loan files.” The documents will be pulled in and barcodes are removed as they are read by the scanner. Your documents are then laid out in AccuAccount based on the barcodes.

Better Document Imaging with AccuAccount

AccuAccount’s document capture process makes it easy to create effective workflows for your financial institution. If you’re not already utilizing AccuAccount’s superior scanning features, get started today.

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