Task Exceptions: Scalable Customer & Account Management

To grow in today’s complex banking environment, your institution needs to implement scalable processes. This is especially true with regard to your document and exception management.

When an employee goes on extended leave or is terminated, how will his or her replacement know what actions are needed? Of course, you could provide a training manual or written work instructions. Unfortunately, this approach requires a time-consuming learning curve.

The task exception feature in AccuAccount provides a simple, yet effective way to delegate tasks to your team. It also helps you build scalable workflows within your institution.

Let’s take a closer look at how this feature works.

Digital Archive of Customer & Account Notes

Task exceptions make it easy to see which tasks need to be completed for a customer’s file. AccuAccount keeps track of tasks on the individual customer page, on reports, in the AccuAccount dashboard, and within exception tabs.

AccuAccount users have the ability to leave comments about the tasks. By leaving comments such as “called and left voicemail on date/time,” you can improve communication throughout your bank. Task exceptions and associated comments allow for continuity and quick answers about an account’s status. That means you’ll be more equipped to answer client questions, provide updates to senior management, and locate accurate information about an account during an audit.

Adding Task Exceptions is Easy

Adding task exceptions to a customer or loan account is simple. Just click on the red exclamation point on the appropriate page and select “task exceptions” to get started. You’ll have the opportunity to give the exception a title, choose the exception category (if applicable), and select an assigned user to take action. You can add an entire group of tasks to a customer page for established processes such as insurance cancellation, loan payoffs, and more.

create new bank exception

Task exceptions offer fast and effective means of communication. Assigning a specific task in AccuAccount (rather than sending an email) delivers a more productive workforce. From the employee’s perspective, task exceptions offer a helpful project management workflow. With AccuAccount, your staff can avoid an inbox full of confusing emails.

Dashboard View Offers Visibility

The AccuAccount dashboard offers additional visibility into active tasks. Each time a user logs into AccuAccount, your team will be reminded of upcoming and overdue responsibilities. Tasks may also be easily reassigned to others if necessary, unless they are specifically defined as non-transferable by the administrator.

Task Exceptions Dashboard

As tasks are completed, AccuAccount maintains an electronic paper trail of all customer and account activity. Such information can prove to be invaluable during audits, exams, or internal reviews.

Get More Work Done

AccuAccount’s task exception feature serves as a collaborative “to-do list” for customer and account information. Delegate, assign, and track important tasks without duplication of effort.

Find out how task exceptions and the power of AccuAccount can create clarity for your bank. Click here to talk to an AccuSystems expert today!

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