Core Imaging Systems

Our Core System “Does Imaging”

by Jennifer Mitchell • May 3, 2018

I occasionally hear banks or credit unions make the following statement: “We don’t need AccuAccount. Our core system does imaging.” Does this statement hit home for you? Perhaps your financial institution utilizes a core system that offers basic document imaging features. You’ve already made a huge investment in your core, so why integrate with a […]

Reports AccuAccount

Dynamic Reporting: Slice & Dice Your Data

by Jennifer Mitchell • March 12, 2018

As a commercial loan processor, you have a lot on your plate. In addition to processing documentation, ensuring completeness of loan files, scanning and indexing documents, and countless other important tasks, you’re also responsible for tracking lending-related exceptions. With each new loan that is booked to the core, your list of exceptions expands exponentially. What’s […]

Banking Ticklers

Why Integrated Document Tracking is Replacing Ticklers

by Alan Wooldridge • December 18, 2017

You’re in the business of helping companies in your community to expand and grow. In this line of work, you obviously have a number of important obligations. Document tracking is certainly one of them. In this post, we’ll discuss why financial institutions are moving away from manual banking ticklers – and what your institution can […]

Centralized Decentralized Imaging

Centralized vs. De-Centralized

by Jennifer Mitchell • November 27, 2017

“Can I get a show of hands…how many banks centralize all scanning?” This was the question posed by an Accu-Summit attendee this year in Colorado Springs. So, how did her colleagues respond? With banks ranging in size from $100 million to well over $1 billion, it’s no surprise that there was a diverse mixture of […]

Tiff vs PDF

TIFF vs. PDF: What’s the Difference?

by Jennifer Mitchell • November 27, 2017

“What’s the difference between a TIFF and PDF? Why should our bank be scanning to PDF instead of TIFF?” All good questions. In fact, we had several bankers ask us this at Accu-Summit 2017 . If your bank is still scanning documents into TIFF format, this article is just for you. In this post, we’ll explore why […]

3 Reasons Why Your Core System’s Imaging Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

by Alan Wooldridge • August 9, 2017

The following article was originally posted on Click here to read the original version. (Re-posted with permission.) Each day your core system provides significant value to your financial institution. Processing payments, tracking customer transactions and balances, calculating interest, and generating statements are all in a typical day’s work for your core. Although your core does many […]

30-Day Go-Live Plan For Loan Imaging

by Alan Wooldridge • July 31, 2017

The following post was originally published in The Independent Report, a service of the Independent Bankers of Colorado. Paper-based lending can be both risky and costly. Loan files are easily misplaced, damaged, or lost entirely. Paper file folders can only be in one place at a time, making it nearly impossible for lenders to do their jobs. […]

Selecting a Technology Vendor: 3 Questions to Ask

by Alan Wooldridge • July 18, 2017

Disclaimer: The following post was originally published on the Commercial Finance Association blog. (Re-posted with permission.) As with anything else at your bank, selecting a technology vendor can be a challenging decision. Users from across different departments must agree on a variety of considerations, such as features, budgets, roll-out schedules, and training priorities. And, as your […]

Paper Loan Files: Does Your Bank Know the True Cost?

by Alan Wooldridge • February 7, 2017

The following post was originally published on the Commercial Finance Association blog. Sure, there’s a tangible cost associated with deploying an electronic loan imaging system. Software, support, and scanning hardware are just a few of the items you’ll need to budget for. But, have you ever reviewed the negative impact that paper documents can have […]

3 Tips for Better Document Tracking

by Alan Wooldridge • December 1, 2016

The following post was originally published on the Commercial Finance Association blog. Your bank likely receives hundreds (or thousands) of documents each day. Customer files, invoices, contracts, and legal agreements are just a few common examples. Unfortunately, some documents fail to arrive on time. Others never arrive at all. In an industry as compliance-focused as banking, […]

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