Bank Document System Administrator

Bank Document Management System Administrator: Recurring Tasks

by Cathy Cirullo • June 3, 2019

An attendee at last year’s Accu-Summit posed an excellent question: What should system administrators monitor on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis? Having given this question some additional thought, I’ve created the following list of recommended tasks. In a perfect world, many of these responsibilities would be performed daily; however, I realize that may […]

Core Imaging Systems

Our Core System “Does Imaging”

by Jennifer Mitchell • May 3, 2018

I occasionally hear banks or credit unions make the following statement: “We don’t need AccuAccount. Our core system does imaging.” Does this statement hit home for you? Perhaps your financial institution utilizes a core system that offers basic document imaging features. You’ve already made a huge investment in your core, so why integrate with a […]

Reports AccuAccount

Dynamic Reporting: Slice & Dice Your Data

by Jennifer Mitchell • March 12, 2018

As a commercial loan processor, you have a lot on your plate. In addition to processing documentation, ensuring completeness of loan files, scanning and indexing documents, and countless other important tasks, you’re also responsible for tracking lending-related exceptions. With each new loan that is booked to the core, your list of exceptions expands exponentially. What’s […]

Banking Ticklers

Why Integrated Document Tracking is Replacing Ticklers

by Alan Wooldridge • December 18, 2017

You’re in the business of helping companies in your community to expand and grow. In this line of work, you obviously have a number of important obligations. Document tracking is certainly one of them. In this post, we’ll discuss why financial institutions are moving away from manual banking ticklers – and what your institution can […]

Centralized Decentralized Imaging

Centralized vs. De-Centralized

by Jennifer Mitchell • November 27, 2017

“Can I get a show of hands…how many banks centralize all scanning?” This was the question posed by an Accu-Summit attendee this year in Colorado Springs. So, how did her colleagues respond? With banks ranging in size from $100 million to well over $1 billion, it’s no surprise that there was a diverse mixture of […]

Tiff vs PDF

TIFF vs. PDF: What’s the Difference?

by Jennifer Mitchell • November 27, 2017

“What’s the difference between a TIFF and PDF? Why should our bank be scanning to PDF instead of TIFF?” All good questions. In fact, we had several bankers ask us this at Accu-Summit 2017 . If your bank is still scanning documents into TIFF format, this article is just for you. In this post, we’ll explore why […]

3 Reasons Why Your Core System’s Imaging Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

by Alan Wooldridge • August 9, 2017

The following article was originally posted on Click here to read the original version. (Re-posted with permission.) Each day your core system provides significant value to your financial institution. Processing payments, tracking customer transactions and balances, calculating interest, and generating statements are all in a typical day’s work for your core. Although your core does many […]

30-Day Go-Live Plan For Loan Imaging

by Alan Wooldridge • July 31, 2017

The following post was originally published in The Independent Report, a service of the Independent Bankers of Colorado. Paper-based lending can be both risky and costly. Loan files are easily misplaced, damaged, or lost entirely. Paper file folders can only be in one place at a time, making it nearly impossible for lenders to do their jobs. […]

Selecting a Technology Vendor: 3 Questions to Ask

by Alan Wooldridge • July 18, 2017

Disclaimer: The following post was originally published on the Commercial Finance Association blog. (Re-posted with permission.) As with anything else at your bank, selecting a technology vendor can be a challenging decision. Users from across different departments must agree on a variety of considerations, such as features, budgets, roll-out schedules, and training priorities. And, as your […]

Paper Loan Files: Does Your Bank Know the True Cost?

by Alan Wooldridge • February 7, 2017

The following post was originally published on the Commercial Finance Association blog. Sure, there’s a tangible cost associated with deploying an electronic loan imaging system. Software, support, and scanning hardware are just a few of the items you’ll need to budget for. But, have you ever reviewed the negative impact that paper documents can have […]

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