Document View: A Gift for Lenders

Your lenders are the face of your bank.

Most of their time is spent bringing in new business, but they also serve a vital role in keeping existing customers happy. When a customer has a concern about his line of credit, who is the first person he calls? It’s not your loan admin team – it’s one of your lenders.

With so many people to keep happy, your lenders need real-time access to customer and account documentation. Such information must also be presented in a way that’s easily digestible. Every moment spent searching for files is a moment wasted.

Simply stated: Lenders need reliable customer information, and they need it delivered to them in a highly intuitive way.

At AccuSystems, we’re proud to unveil our game-changing Document View that gives lenders fingertip access to what they need, when they need it. Better yet, this new feature is just in time for the holidays. Your lenders will think it’s the best gift ever.

Here’s why.

Intuitive by Design

We live in a world that’s dominated by social media. Within seconds, users from across the globe can connect and engage in ways not possible just a few years ago. The desire to interact is obviously a driving motivator, but have you ever stopped to consider why certain platforms have gained greater adoption than others? How have social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest gained billions of combined users in less than a decade?

Although there may be countless answers to such questions, it’s clear that an image-focused user experience is a key component. Think about how you use social media – do you stop and read every single post? Probably not. If you’re like me, you find yourself scrolling through dozens of photos in your feed. Within a few seconds, you can get up to speed on what friends and family have been up to.

At AccuSystems, we believe your lenders want a similar experience when it comes to browsing customer documents. Our new Document View feature in AccuAccount aggregates each customer’s document history into an intuitive gallery-style format.

On the left side of the screen, lenders gain at-a-glance access to account numbers, tax information, branch details,and much more. In addition, we pull in loan balance and commitment details from your core, presenting it as an interactive pie chart.

Document View

On the right side of the screen, lenders can scroll through and preview customer documents. Clicking on a thumbnail brings up a larger view, making it easy to get the exact piece of information that the lender is looking for.

If a customer has more than a few documents, lenders can try our native search functionality. Just type in a keyword, and AccuAccount instantly filters for the documents related to that keyword.

360-Degree View of a Customer

While your lender is reviewing a customer’s credit files, she may also need to check a few account-specific documents. AccuAccount makes it easy for lenders to view and filter any document related to that customer.

For example, let’s say your lender needs to reference a customer’s commercial loan agreement. Doing so is easy, thanks to the Document View. Just click the “Loans” menu option, and a dropdown will appear. Your lender can then select the correct loan account from the menu. Instantly, all documents for that specific loan refresh on the right side.

In addition, your lender will love how we pull in additional loan-specific details into the left menu. View loan numbers, loan types, statuses, balances, commitments, and much more.

Deposit and trust account documents are also accessible in the same way. Point, click, view, and get the right information – with much less effort.

Give Lenders a Productivity Boost this Holiday Season

If you’re ready to make your lenders happier (and even more productive), it’s time you set them up with our gallery-style document viewer. If you’re an existing customer, click here for additional information about AccuAccount 2017. If you’re interested in trying AccuAccount, click here to learn about our affordable pricing plans.

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