Leveraging Technology to Streamline Frontline Operations

Customers consider your frontline staff to be the face of your bank. And, as your bank’s Deposit Operations Manager, it’s your job to ensure that the retail team delivers a friction-free experience.

Unfortunately, without the right banking processes, your tellers and other frontline staff may struggle to live up to expectations. That’s especially true when it comes to document management and tracking.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to improve customer service, reduce inefficiencies, and increase engagement by implementing a bank-wide imaging system.

Common Pain Points & Their Causes

Before we talk about improving your frontline systems, let’s first explore some common challenges that many community banks struggle with.

Service Delays: Some banks still rely exclusively on hard copy signature cards. The drawbacks of doing so are obvious (particularly if you have several branches). Because paper records can only be in one place at one time, hard copy signature cards must be shuffled from branch to branch via couriers or interoffice mail. Moving physical files from point A to point B takes time, which creates unnecessary friction with customers. To bypass hard copy signature cards, many banks rely on the teller systems that come with their cores. Although these systems can be much better than a paper-only approach, we frequently hear bankers express frustrations about their limited functionality and steep learning curves.

Overlapping Documentation Requests: Customers don’t enjoy providing the same document multiple times. When a small business customer asks to transfer in his checking account, the new accounts representative should have instant access to his previously submitted documentation. Sadly, with a paper-based system, merely accessing the customer’s files can be a multi-day endeavor. Once again, the customer is the one who suffers.

Failing to Follow Up: Deposit accounts may not have as many tracking obligations as commercial loans, but there are still exceptions that must be tracked. Take, for example, temporary signature cards. Someone from your bank must remember to follow up with joint owners or co-owners. Spreadsheets and calendar reminders can easily be overlooked, leading to undesirable situations with customers.

Technology to the Rescue

To solve these types of challenges, an increasing number of community banks are turning to customer-centric document management systems, such as our AccuAccount platform. Unlike basic imaging repositories, which scatter documents across multiple network folders, AccuAccount delivers a 360-degree view of each customer. Everything is consolidated into a single customer page, providing quick access to linked accounts (including deposits), balances, collaterals, related entities, and other relevant information.

AccuAccount 2018 Customer Page

Rather than waiting for faxed or couriered signature cards to arrive, users gain instant (and concurrent) access to each customer’s documents. Need to quickly locate a customer’s signature card or certificate of good standing? With AccuAccount, it’s just a click away.

Signature Card

AccuAccount’s “Teller View” provides immediate access to the signature card and identification documents to your frontline staff, empowering them to ensure outstanding customer experiences. Our CORELink integration makes it easy for tellers to jump between your core and AccuAccount – with just a single keystroke. In addition, customizable permissions and security features prevent tellers from accessing information they don’t need to see.

AccuAccount’s built-in deposit tickler helps your team ensure the right documents are being collected for every customer. Exception reports keep key stakeholders in the loop with zero administrative effort. Emailed reports can be scheduled to arrive on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom interval.

Simply put, AccuAccount makes your bank more productive and agile. With everything stored and neatly organized in AccuAccount, you’ll spend less time searching for documents and more time engaging customers.

Happier Customers, Smoother Frontline Operations

Ready to take your deposit operations to the next level? Watch our five-minute intro video to see if AccuAccount is a good fit for your financial institution.

Need to chat now? One of our former bankers is always happy to help.

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