How to Manage Recurring Bank Documents

You probably find yourself tracking the same types of customer documents on a regular basis. These recurring bank documents might include:

  • Tax returns
  • Financial statements
  • Proof of insurance documents
  • Other loan documents

If you’re doing everything with checklists or spreadsheets, there’s a good chance you might forget to add a document placeholder or two. Overlooking a single document can create costly issues with customers, auditors, and examiners.

AccuAccount’s document scheduler builds recurring documents (and exceptions, if an exception is already defined for the tab), saving time and removing another tedious task from your daily agenda.

Here’s how it works.

Recurrences that Fit Your Workflow

AccuAccount’s document scheduler is very useful for tracking items that you need on a predictable schedule. There’s no need to manually create an empty document placeholder in the system. Instead, let AccuAccount automatically generate new tabs for recurring documents (such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly).

The process happens in the background on a nightly basis. Any time AccuAccount identifies an upcoming recurrence, it will build the document tab on the customer page for you. Obviously, the system is only adding a document placeholder (without an uploaded image), which means the missing exception indicator will notify you that the item now needs to be uploaded.

Add Documents with Ease

AccuAccount makes it easy to set recurrence patterns across all customers or accounts – or, for a specific customer / account.

For example, setting up a recurring document for an existing customer is done within a few clicks. Simply click on a particular document’s edit tab and select “manage document scheduling.”

Manage Document Schedule

Define your preferred settings and hit “update.”

Schedule Settings

Sit back and relax – AccuAccount will create your recurring document placeholders without any further action by you.

Customer Page

Automate Your Bank’s Document Management Process

If your bank spends hours each week manually inputting upcoming exceptions, it’s time you gave AccuAccount a try. Manual data entry is not only a waste of time – it could also be exposing your financial institution to unnecessary risk.

Start saving your bank time and money with AccuAccount’s document scheduler today. We offer several affordable plans, based on your bank’s asset size and budget.

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