What are You “Searching” For?

One of the most important benefits of “going paperless” involves the power of electronic search queries. Unlike the days of manually sorting through hard copy files, an electronic document management system offers a Google-like experience for important customer and loan information.

In this post, we’ll offer a brief introduction to AccuAccount’s search functionality and how it can benefit your financial institution.

What Can I Search For?

If you simply click “search” from the main search screen without putting any information into your search screen, the results will display the first ten pages of customers. If you would like to see more results, you can choose twenty or all pages.

bank document management search results

The search results will show the customer’s name and will indicate whether there are active credit exceptions tracking within the file. If the individual is an employee, a “y” will be displayed in the “Employee” column. Customer number and tax ID number will be displayed; in some cases, this may be the same number. The customer’s accounts will be listed; an “L” indicates a loan account, a “D” indicates a deposit account, and a “T” indicates a trust account.

For the loans, you’ll also see the word “collateral” listed below if there’s a piece of collateral tied to the loan. In some cases you may see the word “collateral” listed more than once, indicating that there is more than one piece of collateral attached to that loan. The expand option next to each account number shows the additional borrowers or signers for that account; once you expand, those names are a link to those customer accounts if needed.

Search Results Offer Quick Access to Account Info

The account status will show if this is an active loan or account, or if it is paid off or closed. The docs column indicates if documents have been scanned into the file. A green dot indicates that documents exist for this account. A red square means that there are no active documents and nothing has been imaged for this file.

The account exceptions column will show a red exclamation point if active exceptions are tracking for that loan or collateral. If there’s no exception here that means that either all of the exceptions have been satisfied for the account (there is nothing missing or expired) or it may mean that the account has been closed or paid off. AccuAccount will automatically stop tracking exceptions once it is in inactive status.

Clicking Through to a Customer’s Page

The final column is the account and collateral description. Any description that AccuAccount is getting from your core system will show here and it is a link to the customer’s page as well. If it is underlined in blue, you’re able to click on that customer’s name to be taken to the correct customer page.

bank customer document management

AccuAccount makes your job easier by automating processes, streamlining document, and eliminating the need for a manual tickler system. You’ll never have to search your physical files for customer information again!

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