Video: How to Simplify the Loan Application Process with AccuApproval

What if you could convert your existing loan application process into a totally paperless system? What if you could automate the approval process through email routing and workflows?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, it’s time you learn how AccuApproval can automate, organize, and simplify your bank’s loan application process. With this add-on to AccuAccount, you’ll be able to access application documentation from any bank location. Also, you can easily track the approval process through document preparation, credit analysis, and approval.

Streamline the Loan Approval Process

With each application, AccuApproval generates time saving tools like checklists of documentation required and timers set to remind lenders of important deadlines.

Automated emails sent to loan officers, analysts, and approvers will update them on the latest actions regarding the loan. Finally, a detailed application history allows all players to check the status of the loan and any comments made at any time. This feature greatly enhances your bank’s communication capabilities and saves everyone time and frustration.

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