Case Studies

We’re proud to serve hundreds of community banks in North America. The following financial institutions have taken the time to share their success stories on our website.

Bank of Blue Valley: Imaging’s Impact on Efficiency

Since 1989, Bank of Blue Valley has served the lending and banking needs of the greater Kansas City area. During that time, the institution’s five locations have helped countless entrepreneurs and small businesses access the capital they need to get started, expand, build new facilities, and serve the community. With commercial lending at the heart of the bank’s operations, the institution has continuously sought new ways to improve its loan management processes. In this case study, we’ll explore how Bank of Blue Valley has leveraged AccuAccount to achieve this goal.

Bridgewater Bank: A Journey from Paper to Efficiency

In a little more than a decade, Bridgewater Bank of Bloomington, Minnesota, has grown from a newly formed entity to an institution that recently surpassed $1 billion in assets. As the company’s website asserts, “You don’t have to be old to have a solid foundation.” To accommodate this type of growth, the bank needed a better strategy for managing its ever-growing portfolio of loans, deposits, and customer accounts. In this case study, we explore how Bridgewater Bank was able to shed its dependency on paper and realize new efficiencies.

Lincoln Savings Bank: Lean Document Management

For Lincoln Savings Bank, shifting to a paperless loan management system just seemed to make sense. As a proponent of lean operations, the institution clearly understood the inefficiency caused by paper loan documents. Rising courier costs, missing documents, and risk considerations made the business case quite obvious. How did the bank ensure a smooth transition away from paper? Was the institution successful in its search for a lean document management system? Continue reading to hear Lincoln Savings Bank’s story.

Want More Success Stories?

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