Simplify Commercial Lending for Your Credit Union with AccuAccount

Scale your commercial lending operation with AccuAccount. Track exceptions and documents, automate reporting, and increase pipeline transparency.

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Collateral & Loan Tracking

Streamline collateral and loan tracking at your credit union.

Develop a better way to track commercial loans and collateral. Easily identify pieces of collateral that have been pledged to multiple loans. Empower lenders and loan operations teams with reliable and accurate information.

Credit Document Tracking

Collect and track member documents with less effort.

Make it easy for staff to track and manage financial statements, tax returns, and other credit documents from members. Say goodbye to tracking spreadsheets and ticklers. Clear exceptions automatically by aligning your document tracking and imaging workflows.

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Customizable Dashboards

See your loan pipeline, members, and accounts in a new way.

Give your commercial lenders the pipeline data they need to close more loans—when they need it and how they want it. Easy-to-configure dashboards provide quick access to insights about top members, large loan portfolios, and important tasks.

Intuitive Exception Reports

Reduce risk with automated exception reporting.

Build a scalable exception reporting and management workflow. Put your exception reporting on autopilot with daily email alerts. Drag and drop exception data to build custom reports in seconds. Eliminate the hassle of manual exception reporting.

Exception Report by Officer
Tax return document that is being uploaded to a bank document portal

Member Communication

Make it easy for members to provide their documents.

Provide members with an intuitive and secure way to share documents with your credit union. AccuAccount offers a variety of portal integrations, ePrint upload, and convenient scanning options that streamline document collection and indexing.

Document Imaging

Easily manage, search for, and find documents in one system.

Turn your document repository into a search engine of member and account information. Stop clicking through never-ending folders on your network drive. Simply key in a document or member name, and AccuAccount takes you where you need to go.

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On-Demand Videos

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Track customer and loan documents with our commercial lending software for credit unions and banks.


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Credit Union FAQs

Yes. AccuAccount allows you to track for your members’ updated financials. You can track monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually.

Yes. AccuAccount allows you to build custom (or task) exceptions specific to a member relationship or a specific loan or collateral.

Yes. AccuAccount reports can be setup to send automatically to the lender or the lender’s assistant on a schedule determined by the credit union.

Yes. AccuAccount has several options for you to move electronic documents into AccuAccount. We offer a drag and drop option, an upload option, and an ePrint option.

No. AccuAccount is not a member-facing product and the customer label cannot be changed at this time.

Yes. AccuSystems will work with the credit union to set up and customize the correct types as well as documents during the implementation of AccuAccount.

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Document Tracking Reports

Exception Study PDF

96 banking professionals share their tips for how to streamline document tracking and exception reporting.

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Download our 25-page eBook that contains seven case studies. Learn how financial institutions large and small are leveraging AccuAccount for better tracking.

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Take an on-demand demo of AccuAccount. Learn how our software integrates to 30+ core systems and loan origination systems, streamlines imaging, and automates exception tracking and audit preparation for 15,000+ bankers.