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Exception Management

  • What type of exceptions can be managed with AccuSystems’ products?

    There are four basic types of exceptions that can be tracked in AccuAccount: missing document exceptions, expired  document exceptions, task exceptions, and policy exceptions.

  • What is the difference between AccuAccount and AccuTrack?

    AccuTrack is an exception management system with core integration and integrated reporting. AccuAccount includes all of the exception management functions as AccuTrack, but also provides a document imaging system that works in conjunction with exception tracking.

  • Can I enable email alerts for exceptions?

    Yes. AccuAccount uses SQL Reporting Services to generate exception reports. Users can set up email subscriptions to desired reports on a one-time or recurring basis. In addition, Task Exceptions can be set to notify assigned employees via email to complete specific tasks. Users also have the ability to customize dashboard panels to display active tasks and exceptions.

Document Imaging

  • What types of imaging options does AccuSystems offer?

    AccuSystems offers multiple ways to get images into AccuAccount. Single documents can be scanned directly into the document tab using our AccuScan product. Batch scanning can be completed by utilizing identifying barcodes using AccuScan, or by utilizing our AccuCapture product. Electronic documents can be uploaded directly to the target location. Another option is to utilize AccuPrint, which is a virtual print driver that allows the user to specify the customer or account and document placement.

  • What formats do your products support (TIF, PDF, etc.)?

    Scanned images will be in a PDF or TIF format. However, any image format can be uploaded, including documents, spreadsheets, and other document formats.

  • What types of documents can I view within AccuAccount?

    AccuAccount is a customer-centric document imaging and management system. Customer and account-related documents can be stored for viewing and tracking. Scanned images will be in a PDF or TIF format, but any image format can be uploaded, including documents, spreadsheets, and other document formats.

  • Do barcodes work with your products?

    Yes. While our system has specific barcodes that integrate with AccuAccount, we also support third-party barcodes. The only requirement is that they be in a Code 3 of 9 (Code 39) format that allows us to determine the Document ID. Many of our customers are using third-party platform barcodes. Clients can also place barcodes on internal documents as well.

  • Does your imaging system integrate with my bank’s core?

    Yes. The bank is provided a Data Specification, detailing the required and optional fields we can import into AccuAccount. In addition, the bank can import client-defined information to Flex Fields in AccuAccount. During implementation, we will work with your team to map information from the core to the corresponding fields in AccuAccount.

  • Is early capture (during approval and underwriting) possible?

    Yes. We offer a product called AccuApproval that streamlines and automates the loan application, underwriting, and approval process. Having the application and related documents in a central repository eliminates the need for documents to be routed manually throughout the lending process, and allows all users in the process to view the various application documents. AccuApproval is fully integrated with AccuAccount. Documents captured during application automatically become part of the loan file, without the need to rescan. AccuApproval also provides for automated workflows, notifications, and reporting.

Customer & Account Management

  • Can additional guarantors be managed?

    Yes. Each customer in AccuAccount has its own customer page. Customers are then linked to accounts, either through the nightly core data feed, or manually. On the loan, there is a “Guarantor” tab, listing all related customers and their relationship to the transaction (Co-Borrower, Guarantor, Co-Signer, etc.). By clicking the customer link, it allows you to view the customer’s credit file. In addition, you have the ability to link customers with related interests together by utilizing our “Related Entity” function at the customer level. This allows you to get a complete picture of a customer’s relationship to the bank—even if they don’t share an account relationship.

Product & Pricing

  • How much do AccuSystems’ products cost?

    AccuSystems offers a variety of products and options. Pricing is based on a bank’s asset size and the products and features being purchased. Learn more about our plans here.

  • Does your product provide automation?

    There are several ways our products provide automation and efficiencies. AccuAccount provides a platform for information to be stored in a consistent way which can be accessed simultaneously, allowing for collaboration. AccuApproval allows the application workflows to be automated, and includes notifications and pipeline reports. Application information can be integrated with third-party products, streamlining the application process.

  • Does AccuAccount integrate with teller systems for scanned signature cards?

    We have established teller integrations with third-party providers. If the third-party provider does not allow integration to their teller platform, CORELink provides the end user to use hotkey functionality to access the customer page in AccuAccount. Within AccuAccount, “Teller View” allows them to view the signature card and driver’s license by default.

Implementation & Support

  • How long does implementation take?

    A typical implementation takes 8-12 weeks, but can be completed quicker or slower, depending on several factors, such as: how much time the bank’s implementation team has to dedicate to the project, whether there are other projects in process that would impact the project, and if image conversion is involved.

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