Add-On Modules

  • Add-On Modules
AccuAccount is a complete enterprise solution. This means it can be adapted to your institution’s needs to support you from lending to operations. Learn about the add-on modules AccuSystems can build into your AccuAccount experience.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting gives you updated reports whenever you pull them with the click of a button, all on AccuAccount.

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Different interfaces give operations professionals added functions on top of core loan origination, tax research, or CRM systems.

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Core Integration

AccuAccount integrates to 30+ core banking systems along with the industry’s most popular loan origination systems.

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AccuDoc houses imaging, workflow, and tracking solutions for internal documents, from accounts payable to meeting minutes.

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PDF Toolkit

The PDF Toolkit streamlines the conversion of TIFFs and other files to PDFs to optimize your document imaging storage.

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Loan Participations

This add-on module automates your participation loan workflows through AccuAccount.

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Core Link

CORELink automatically runs a query between your core screen and exception management system using a “hot key.”

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With AccuApproval you begin creating files and even imaging documents at the start of the application process, not after the loan is booked.

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AccuPrint allows you to drag and drop to print from any screen while you work to load information into AccuAccount.

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The Insurance module automates policy tracking for buildings, equipment, vehicles, employees, and other assets.

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