Video Testimonials from Bankers

We’re honored by all of the nice things bankers have said about AccuSystems over the years. Some have even been so kind to let us videotape their testimonials. We hope that their experiences with our company can be useful to your bank. Enjoy!

Marta from CTS

“We have 500 users across the thirteen banks. We had some that used different imaging systems, some that didn’t, some that used paper, so we had to get everybody on the same system…It’s turned out to work really well for everyone, and the nice thing we hear consistently is that all our banks really like the system (AccuAccount), and they think it’s very user-friendly.”

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The Bank of Eastern Oregon Team

“We are very rural with branches all over the state and one in Washington. We lost postal distribution, so we really rely on the ability to have those documents where everybody can see them – AccuSystems is awesome about that…Everyone is really helpful at AccuSystems. If you have special needs, they get in there and they do everything they can to customize that program to suit you.”

Improve Document Visibility

Angela from Enterprise Bank

“All of our filing cabinets are gone. We don’t have to shuffle files back and forth. Everyone has all of the information at their fingertips. It’s cut down on a lot of phone calls that we get in credit looking for customer documents…we can just direct users to the same place where everybody has the same information.”

Enhance Efficiency at Your Bank

Will from Amarillo National Bank

“Of all the systems we looked at, AccuAccount (which was known as AccuLoan at the time when we got it eight years ago) was the most user-friendly and the most adaptable. It gave us more functionality and more freedom with what we chose to do with the software.”

Streamline Your Loan Management

Millie from Valley Republic Bank

“I fell in love with the product because it was such an easy way to just image everything and have it there handy. I’m not the only one who loves the product – my whole bank loves it, and so do our examiners and auditors…We use it for basically everything that we have in our bank – it is all imaged. Our goal is to be a paperless bank, and AccuSystems is helping us with that.”

Take Your Bank Paperless

Theresa from Equitable Savings & Loan

“We love AccuApproval…It keeps our loan officers on task whether they have to alert the processor that there’s a new loan. It keeps the processor on point getting an email saying to put our loans on. The underwriters get their task exceptions. It’s an amazing product.”

Automate the Loan Approval Process

Kim from Morton Community Bank

“AccuAccount has helped us to centralize our loan file management system. Prior to that, each branch had their own way of doing things. Some processes worked better than others. Utilizing AccuAccount has really helped streamline where documents can be found, and it has ensured that there are fewer lost documents – especially traveling across the branches.”

Reduce the Number of Lost Documents

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