Does your financial institution need an effective way to streamline the management of loan documents?

AccuAccount is a comprehensive account management software that offers imaging, tracking, and management within a single system. Manage loans, deposits, and trust account information.

AccuAccount integrates imaging, core download, exception management, reporting, and auditors’ export into one system. It also features an integrated workflow component that automates processes initiated through the core download. It automatically sets up the correct loan type, document structures, exceptions, users, and generates appropriate letters for customers. AccuAccount creates accessibility, accountability, and control for management and personnel.

“The most seamless software installation process I have been through in my 20 years of banking. The AccuSystems staff did a great job in preparing us for our install and spent a lot of time with us in developing our document structure.”
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Advanced Document Tracking

advanced document exception trackingAccuAccount offers your bank or credit union the ability to automatically set up exceptions for loans and accounts. Exceptions are cleared when a document arrives, a file is scanned in, or an expiration date is changed.

Custom exceptions can be created by an exception administrator for documents that have been received but may have missing information. For example, this may be helpful if a promissory note is scanned in, but it requires additional signatures from a borrower. The system’s document scheduling feature allows your financial institution to set up new documents with monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual, and annual exceptions. In addition, exceptions can be configured to include a grace period. This means that documents can be set to show up as an exception in the future (for example, title policies, deed of trust, etc).

Loan Document Management

loan document managementAccuAccout allows any authorized employee to view, search, email, or print customer and loan documents from any computer within the financial institution’s network. Multiple users may access information simultaneously throughout the network.

In addition to managing electronic document images, AccuAccount provides a built-in tickler and exception handling system that allows lenders and servicing staff to track missing and expired documents. AccuAccount also assists with loan audits by downloading all necessary documents to a CD or DVD in a matter of minutes, saving valuable time.

Deposit Account Management Software

deposit management softwareAccuAccount Deposit guarantees that your customers receive the quickest, most secure method of storing and retrieving confidential information available in the banking industry. Confidential information is highly organized, secure, and easy to monitor in a virtual file cabinet.

AccuAccount Deposits increases the financial institution’s customer service by providing instant access to signature verification, account information, authorized users, and potential sales opportunities while it minimizes risk. All the documents related to a specific customer are stored together in one record that can be accessed by multiple users at multiple locations, reducing the risk of exposure that paper documents pose upon the financial institution.

Trust Document Management

trust management softwareAccuAccount’s Trust account imaging system allows the user to manage the entire file and all its contents in one easy to use icon located on the computer’s desktop. Instant access to the most current information is achieved with a simple click of the mouse.

Files can be searched by date or by document name. Employees can view inventory items or manage correspondence and court records. Document management, storage, and retrieval could not be easier with AccuAccount’s Trust account imaging suite.

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