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So, your financial institution is thinking about the switch to a more streamlined document management system. What features do you actually need? Does integrating your imaging and exception tracking make financial sense? Join us for this month’s demo of AccuAccount, our top-rated document management software that’s trusted by more than 15,000 bankers and credit union professionals worldwide. In this interactive demo, you’ll see how AccuAccount works and find out if it’s right for your institution.

AccuAccount Live

Wednesday, December 5th @ 2 pm Eastern

Join this edition of our webinar series for commercial lenders to learn about:

-How AccuAccount works
-If it’s right for your institution
-Connecting imaging and tracking
-Budgeting details

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About AccuSystems

AccuSystems provides quality document imaging solutions for hundreds of banks and credit unions. Our electronic imaging and intelligent document management tools make AccuSystems the clear choice for loan file imaging and advanced bank document management.

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