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[Study] Document Imaging

Learn what 103 community bankers think about bank document imaging. Learn best practices for leveraging imaging software.

What’s Covered in this Summary Report?

Although electronic document imaging software has helped many banks and credit unions become more efficient, some institutions still struggle with achieving streamlined document management. This study takes a closer look at how document imaging software impacts efficiency. Learn about:

  • Scanning technology
  • Imaging software
  • What to image first

Financial institutions are seeking more efficient document imaging practices as technology evolves. However, many banks continue to rely on inefficient manual scanning and indexing processes.

In a recent survey of 103 community banks representing over $35 billion in combined assets, the AccuSystems team set out to learn more about how financial institutions manage document imaging processes.

This study examines how financial institutions manage document imaging processes. The purpose of the study is to answer the following questions:

  • What does “document imaging” actually mean (according to bankers)?
  • Which departments are using imaging software – and which are not?
  • What type of scanning equipment is most often used?
  • How do banks organize electronic documents (shared folders, ECM systems, etc.)?

The following conclusions were drawn from our report:

  • 69% of banks use imaging software for loans.
  • 53% equate “document imaging” with scanning.
  • Desktop scanners are still used by 70% of banks.
  • Of institutions that have moved to an electronic imaging system, more than 76% indicated their desire to create more efficiency was the main reason for doing so; a close second at 75% was a desire to eliminate paper.
  • Deposits (65%) and credit files (55%) are also frequently imaged, making loans, deposits, and credit files the “low hanging fruit” for most banks when it comes to imaging.

How to Download the Full Study

How efficient are your document imaging processes? Are you happy with the services and features included in your current system?

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