Digitize Your Credit & Loan Files

You know the importance of a bank’s document imaging solution. However, the ability to manage customer documents through master credit files and individual loan files is key.

Seamless Management of Credit & Loan Files

AccuSystems’ bank loan software is designed to provide advanced document imaging, thus mirroring the paper loan file processes that have been used by banks for over 100 years. Even better, it has the ability to customize the appropriate bank loan documents, which makes managing exceptions and reporting easier than ever. Customers can confidently visit any branch and have all the loan files, lender comments, and critical information at their fingertips. In addition, our AccuApproval module allows banks to manage their entire loan application, underwriting, and approval process in a single application. Now that’s a simpler solution! Alternatively, if your bank needs a stand-alone ticker management tool, the AccuSystems Tickler Tracking platform may be right for you.

How Does AccuSystems Improve Bank Loan Management?

Unlike other commercial loan software platforms, AccuSystems will custom-tailor its software for your bank’s document imaging needs. Comprehensive loan management should include an integrated document management solution – AccuSystems provides exactly that. With a variety of imaging options available, your bank is certain to find the system that best fits your needs.

Don’t just settle for a cookie-cutter bank lending software; AccuAccount is your secret weapon for managing credit and loan files.

  • Streamlines Entire Loan Process
  • Allows for Instant Viewing of Loan Docs
  • Features Intuitive List & Sort Tools
  • Automates Exception Management
  • Barcode Integration is a Reality
  • Simplified Scanning & Indexing