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$288 Million Bank in Minnesota Selects AccuAccount for Imaging and Exception Management

by Jennifer Mitchell • April 18, 2019

Today we’re excited to announce yet another sale in the state of Minnesota. First Independent Bank, a $288 million bank based in Russell, Minnesota, is the latest community bank to choose AccuAccount. With a history that dates back to 1903, First Independent Bank is recognized for being big enough to know business but small enough […]

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Two Minnesota Banks Choose AccuAccount Enterprise for Integrated Document Management

by Jennifer Mitchell • April 1, 2019

Today we’re excited to welcome two Minnesota banks to the AccuSystems family. Flagship Bank is a $226 million financial institution based in Wayzata, Minnesota. Security Bank & Trust Company is a $516 million bank headquartered in Glencoe, Minnesota. Both banks have selected AccuAccount Enterprise for their document imaging and tracking needs. Flagship Bank was established […]

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$120 Million Bank Chooses Tickler for Exception Tracking

by Jennifer Mitchell • March 18, 2019

We’re excited to welcome First National Bank of Bosque County to the AccuSystems family. First National Bank of Bosque County is a $120 million bank based in Valley Mills, Texas. First National Bank of Bosque County traces its roots back to 1896. The financial institution received its National Charter in 1908 and has maintained the […]

Bank Imaging Quality Control

Bank Imaging Quality Control

by Cathy Cirullo • March 5, 2019

Quality control must be a vital component of any risk management process – especially in today’s tech-driven banking environment. Document imaging software, now used by 69% of community banks based on our research, is a prime example of this truth. Clearly, digitizing loan files and operational documents can significantly reduce a bank’s exposure to information […]

Deposit Signature Verification

How to Streamline Signature Card Verification at Your Bank

by Cathy Cirullo • February 27, 2019

“I’d like to deposit this into our company’s checking account and then withdraw $750 in cash.” Over the course of a typical workday, your tellers may encounter several requests just like this one. Despite the economy’s rapid transition to electronic transactions, the simple fact remains that cash is still king. Business owners and their staff […]

Loan Origination Software Imaging

Loan Origination System + AccuAccount = Efficiency

by Cathy Cirullo • January 24, 2019

Over the past decade, AccuSystems has had the privilege of helping thousands of bankers achieve success with our AccuAccount imaging and tracking solution. Unlike paper documents and manual ticklers, AccuAccount brings everything together under one roof, which reduces complexity, streamlines compliance, and creates untold efficiency for loan operations. Having assisted with countless AccuAccount implementations, one […]

Document Management Software for Banks

Document Management Software for Banks: 5 Key Features in 2019

by Cathy Cirullo • January 14, 2019

With the New Year officially here, many community banks are resuming the search for a more scalable document management process. As a result, the first quarter is usually very busy for our team here at AccuSystems. If your financial institution is actively evaluating document management software for banks, there are several important features that you […]

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$322 Million Bank Chooses AccuAccount for Exception Tracking

by Jennifer Mitchell • January 4, 2019

We’re pleased to welcome Legacy Bank to the AccuSystems family. Legacy Bank is a $322 million bank headquartered in Wiley, Colorado, and has branches throughout Southern Colorado (including several in our own community of Pueblo). Legacy Bank has roots dating back to 1907 when The State Bank of Wiley was founded. Almost one hundred years […]

Bank Policies Procedures

How to Securely Store (& Share) Bank Imaging Policies & Procedures

by Cathy Cirullo • January 3, 2019

A well-crafted bank document imaging policy is a key component of any successful document management strategy. Imaging procedures, which support the ongoing adherence to the policy, are equally vital for ensuring compliance, quality control, and operational efficiency. To maximize employee buy-in and increase organizational transparency, forward-thinking banks implement solutions that enable secure, electronic sharing of […]

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$624 Million Bank Picks AccuAcount for Enterprise Document Management

by Jennifer Mitchell • December 10, 2018

We’re excited to announce the addition of our newest customer, The North Side Bank and Trust Company, a $624 million bank based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dating back to 1888, The North Side Bank has been a trusted banking partner for businesses in the Cincinnati community of Cumminsville. Today, the financial institution offers a full spectrum […]

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