TicklerTrax How-to

How to Add an Exception in TicklerTrax™

by Jennifer Mitchell • November 17, 2017

If you’re one of the 500+ community banks that has downloaded a free copy of TicklerTrax™, you’re probably looking to improve the efficiency of your exception management workflow. TicklerTrax is a quick and easy spreadsheet that helps you do exactly that. In this post, I’ll briefly explain best practices for adding new exceptions into TicklerTrax. […]

Document View for Lenders

Document View: A Gift for Lenders

by Jennifer Mitchell • November 14, 2017

Your lenders are the face of your bank. Most of their time is spent bringing in new business, but they also serve a vital role in keeping existing customers happy. When a customer has a concern about his line of credit, who is the first person he calls? It’s not your loan admin team – […]

TicklerTrax How-to

TicklerTrax Downloaded by More than 500 Community Banks

by Jennifer Mitchell • October 27, 2017

In May of this year, we launched TicklerTrax™ with a simple goal: to provide a free and intuitive exception management spreadsheet for community banks. Since then, we’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of buzz generated by TicklerTrax. In less than six months, we’ve had more than 500 community banks download TicklerTrax. If you do the […]

Loan Imaging Fails

3 Loan Imaging Fails (& How To Prevent Them)

by Alan Wooldridge • October 25, 2017

Disclaimer: The following article was originally posted on ibcbanks.org. Click here to read the original version. (Re-posted with permission.) More than half of all banks (69% based on our research) now use some type of imaging platform for their commercial loan files. The benefits are obvious: reduced risk, greater accessibility, and streamlined lending decisions. Unfortunately, […]

Tickler Transition

A Commercial Banker’s Tickler Transition Plan

by Alan Wooldridge • October 23, 2017

Disclaimer: The following article was originally posted on commercialfinanceassociationblog.com. Click here to read the original version. (Re-posted with permission.) Just do a keyword search for “bank tickler,” and you’ll quickly realize that banks are still heavily reliant on manual document tracking. In fact, not too long ago we surveyed 96 bankers, and we found that almost […]

4 Bank Document Tracking Options Worth Considering

by Alan Wooldridge • August 21, 2017

Your bank has a lot of documents to keep track of. Commercial loan files, customer financials, tax returns, applications, and flood zone determinations are just a few examples. Keeping it all organized can easily become overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the right tools. As we recently pointed out in our document tracking webinar, banks […]

Why a Lending Dashboard Keeps Your Bank on the Right Path

by Alan Wooldridge • August 17, 2017

Another busy day draws to a close. And, like most days, you exit the bank and stroll toward your car. As you flop down into the driver’s seat, you notice something is wrong – seriously wrong. For whatever reason, your entire dashboard is missing. No speedometer, fuel gauge, or tire pressure indicator. No tachometer, oil […]

3 Reasons Why Your Core System’s Imaging Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

by Alan Wooldridge • August 9, 2017

The following article was originally posted on BankNews.com. Click here to read the original version. (Re-posted with permission.) Each day your core system provides significant value to your financial institution. Processing payments, tracking customer transactions and balances, calculating interest, and generating statements are all in a typical day’s work for your core. Although your core does many […]

How Credit and Loan Document Management Software Can Help

by Alan Wooldridge • August 9, 2017

Your financial institution does a lot of good for the local community. The IT startup north of town simply couldn’t make payroll without the line of credit you’ve extended. Roy’s excavating company is always looking for financing to add to his arsenal of earth-moving vehicles. And, who could forget about City Auto, which prides itself […]

5 Reasons to Use Our Loan Tracking App (Instead of Your Core)

by Alan Wooldridge • August 1, 2017

Your core banking system claims to do everything under the sun. Granted, it does perform many banking functions – it just doesn’t do everything particularly well. Exception tracking is certainly at the top of the list. In this post, we’ll look at five big reasons why more than 14,000 bankers trust AccuAccount for their loan […]