Add New Tax Returns to TicklerTrax

As April 15th rapidly approaches, your bank no doubt finds itself facing a monumental task: collecting and organizing customer tax returns.

If you’re one of the more than 700 banks that has downloaded TicklerTrax™, this brief article will help you plan for the massive inflow of customer tax returns.

Step by Step: Add a New Tax Return

Step 1: Navigate to the “Droplist” tab of TicklerTrax.

Step 2: Under “Credit Exceptions,” place your cursor in the cell just below last year’s tax return.

Step 3: Right click and select “Insert…”

Step 4: Select “Shift cells down.”

Step 5: In the newly created cell, type in the name of the new tax return that you wish to track. If you’re adding a new tax return for last year, you would want to key in: “2017 Tax Return.”

Now, the next time you go to add a new exception (via the “Entry Form” tab), you’ll see 2017 Tax Return as a credit exception option.

Brief Demo of How it Works

For a more visual explanation of how to add a new tax return in TicklerTrax, we’ve created the following demo.

Add Tax Return

If you’ve done everything correctly, you should now see the new tax return as an option when using the exception entry form.

Add Tax Return

Adding Additional Field Options to TicklerTrax

As time goes on, there will be additional field options that you’ll need to add into TicklerTrax. The instructions found in this article can be applied to any TicklerTrax dropdown field. For example, you may need to add additional:

  • Officers
  • Branches
  • Exception States
  • Loan Exceptions
  • Deposit Exceptions
  • Trust Exceptions
  • Exception Categories

As always, if you encounter any issue with TicklerTrax, you can always reach out to us for help.

Automate Your Exceptions

Using a tickler spreadsheet, such as TicklerTrax, is a very good place to start. However, as your bank grows, the number of exception-related data fields can quickly become unmanageable. In addition, spreadsheets can be accidentally overwritten or deleted, which can lead to compliance-related issues and many other headaches.

If you ever get tired of using spreadsheets, please consider upgrading to AccuAccount. Our team of ex-bankers is here to help you safely port your data into our integrated exception management system. As new customer documents are received and scanned in, AccuAccount can automatically clear the exceptions for you. This frees up more resources at your bank and reduces inaccuracies in exception reporting.

For additional information about AccuAccount, click here to learn more about our affordable plans for community banks.

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