“Audit Export” Simplifies the Audit and Exam Prep Processes

Looking for a way to simplify the audit and exam preparation processes? Sick of looking through piles of files and paperwork only to discover that a document is missing?

With AccuAccount, preparing for an audit is as simple as opening the application, selecting the desired customers and accounts, and downloading them to a disc. Our software will automatically add all documents, notes, exceptions, collaterals, guarantors, and other account and document information associated with the chosen customer. Hand this disc to your auditor instead of mountains of paper.

Prepare for an Audit in 5 Minutes, Not 5 Days

Here’s how AccuAccount’s “audit export” feature can help your financial institution:

  • Users can pull a report by a specific customer name and see all the customer and loan exceptions
  • Enables the user to view all exceptions tied to each individual loan officer
  • Users are able to narrow down exceptions by expiration dates and branches
  • Provides an outstanding loan exception chart by percentage
  • Categorizes customer number, customer name, branch and loan amount for each class code
  • Instantly export loan information and document images to CD/DVD with the click of a button

Share This Link with Your Audit Firm

AccuAccount offers everything you need for an audit or exam: electronic access to digital files, point and click navigability, color-coded exceptions, and instant download capabilities. We’re so confident this will be a game-changer for your institution that we’d like to encourage you to share this page with your audit firm. We’d be happy to schedule a joint webinar to illustrate AccuAccount’s feature set.

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