How to Automate Exception Tracking

What types of documents are currently being tracked in your bank?

For many banks, this list can be quite extensive, including:

  • Collateral documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Trailing documents
  • General financial information

How do you track receipt of these documents? Do your methods differ based on the different document types? In this post, we’ll compare and contrast manual systems versus more automated approaches.

Manual Systems

Some financial institutions rely on manual systems to track documents. With a manual system, each tracked item has to be added to the core system through a series of cumbersome processes. Departments are forced to rely on other departments to ensure that all documents are received in a timely fashion.

In spite of the best efforts of staff members, manual systems often result in inefficiency due to exception issues and other preventable complications. Using an imaging system that incorporates document tracking allows banks to eliminate the manual processes that regularly cost them both time and money.

Automated Exception Tracking

A fully integrated document management system, like AccuAccount, automates exception tracking by creating a workflow. Required documents are created through synchronization with the core system. An exception is added to the individual documents as they are created.


Grace periods, set by each financial institution’s own criteria, are used to determine how many days users have to capture a document in AccuAccount before it is reported as an exception. Once the grace period has expired, non-imaged documents will appear as exception items. Exceptions can be viewed at the individual customer or account level and automatically appear within exception reports.

Users can make comments to track actions taken to bring missing and expired documents into the bank. AccuAccount automatically builds a comment history into its exception reports. This provides transparency in the exception management process, as everyone from auditors to supervisors can quickly see the effort that has been made for each document.

Pre-Built Exception Reports

AccuAccount offers approximately 45 exception reports. Many have additional filter parameters that allow users to drill down to the information that is most important to their work.

exceptions by user

Automatic exception reports:

  • Can be exported in a variety of formats
  • Can be delivered to email inboxes or published to a specified network location
  • May be updated as frequently as hourly
  • Include comments
  • Increase accountability and transparency

Automating exception tracking allows financial institutions to make sure exceptions are satisfied in spite of vacations, employee turnover, and other situations that may affect deadlines with a manual system.

Get Started with Automated Exception Tracking

Automated exception tracking can save your bank time and money by streamlining the compliance process. Designed with input from bankers like you, AccuAccount provides the multi-faceted approach your team needs for continued growth and success.

Discover the power of automated exception tracking. Request information about AccuAccount today.

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