Automating the Exception Maintenance Process

Exception maintenance can be time-consuming and frustrating. This is especially true if you rely on manual ticklers, spreadsheets, your core, or some combination of the three.

Customers routinely tell us that AccuAccount (or AccuTrack) is especially valuable to their institutions because it centralizes all exception activity into a centralized location. Centralization makes it possible to simultaneously track everything you want to see on one report, including document exceptions, policies, and tasks.

In this post, we’ll discuss how AccuSystems’ products work to streamline your bank’s exception management processes.

Exception Validator Works While You Sleep

AccuAccount’s exception validator has your back, working backstage to help you search for missing documents, expired exceptions, and other items that you need to track. This nightly process searches for missing items, meaning you have an up-to-date report waiting for you each morning.

Automated exception maintenance helps banks track more effectively. By providing important exception information in a timely fashion, this process increases convenience and efficiency for your entire team.

Missing and Expired Exceptions

Missing and expired documents track in our system based on your preferred settings. This is built within your exception maintenance. Exceptions can be built per credit type or account type. You can also build on the customer’s page if you need to build a specific exception for that customer or the specific account or loan.

This approach to exception maintenance also encourages better communication for your team. You’re able to view current exceptions and make changes as necessary at any point in time. (Keep in mind that any time you make changes that the nightly exception validator process will need to run in order to update those changes on your customer pages.)

You can view current exceptions and make changes at any point in time as needed in exception maintenance. You can add or remove exceptions or make other changes in order to get exceptions tracking properly for your bank.

Exception Reports to Your Inbox

AccuAccount offers multiple types of exception reports which can be delivered directly to your inbox.

All of the reports that are built into the system can be set up as an email subscription. You can define the to, cc, bcc, reply to, and subject lines of these emails. Dropdowns within the chosen report are the information options that can be included in the subscription. Emails can be sent daily, weekly, monthly, or as often as needed. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to receive the email with the exception information built into it or receive that information as a PDF or .CSV file.

Real-Time Validation

Need even faster exception tracking? Our real-time exception validator, available in version 15 and newer, now provides real-time exception processing. Did you scan or upload a document, modify an expiration date, or did the status of a document change? The real-time exception validator can be executed from the customer’s page, eliminating the need for an overnight update.

real-time exceptions

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