4 Ways that Banks Can Boost Customer Relationships with AccuAccount

There’s a lot of documentation involved with banking—especially commercial banking. And, document management is a big reason why over 15,000 bankers use AccuAccount.

But, it’s not the only reason.

At AccuSystems, we believe that AccuAccount is more than just a top-tier bank document management system. Used to its fullest extent, AccuAccount can actually serve as a bank CRM of sorts. After all, AccuAccount integrates to 30+ core banking systems, which means customer and account information flows seamlessly into the system without manual effort. Uploading and scanning related documentation into AccuAccount provides a comprehensive view that makes staff more productive and better equipped to deliver meaningful experiences.

Here are four ways that using AccuAccount can benefit your bank’s customer relationships.

1. Reducing Friction with Tellers

Customers are busy people, which means they don’t want to wait more than a few seconds for tellers to verify their signatures and identities. Manually pulling hard copy signature cards from a centralized records room is inefficient and creates delays for customers. It also makes the customer ask questions that he or she otherwise may not ask. Questions like:

“Does this bank actually know me?”

“Do they value my business?”

“What else could I be doing right now?”

By contrast, centralizing deposit account information into AccuAccount makes it easier for tellers and front-line staff to perform verifications, which translates into a faster experience. Customers can walk into any branch and expect the same type of interaction without lengthy verification delays.

Teller view in AccuAccount

2. Streamlining New Accounts

Customers’ banking needs change as their lives change. What started out as a checking account could eventually evolve into a variety of banking opportunities as the customer gets a job, starts a side business, buys a vehicle, and makes an offer on a home. Successful banks find ways to support their customers through life’s changes. But, it’s hard to do this when operational silos exist.

AccuAccount provides a centralized view of each customer and account data (synchronized nightly from the core) along with related documents. So, when the customer walks into the branch to talk about his or her financial needs, the banker can access pertinent information with just a few clicks. This keeps the conversation focused on the customer’s needs—and less on administrative minutia.

Loan toggle view in AccuAccount

3. Overcoming Roadblocks in the Lending Process

Deciding which bank to borrow from is a big decision for consumers and business owners alike. Customers want to work with banks that are reputable, trustworthy, and well-organized. In short, customers want to feel confident that they’ll receive a great experience throughout the life of the loan—not just low interest rates and flexible payment options.

But, how can customers feel confident when lenders’ desks are piled high with loan files and documents? How can lenders ensure excellent customer experiences while trying to balance so much complexity and so many customers?

Compare this approach to using AccuAccount, which provides the lender a single place to access existing relationships and related documentation. No longer must the lender dig through file folders to review pertinent information. Performing a simple keyword search in AccuAccount brings up the customer’s record, enabling the lender to see documents—tax returns, financial statements, appraisals, formation documents, etc.—that are already in the system. This makes life easier for the lender and reduces the need to ask for the same document multiple times.

Document view in AccuAccount

4. Elevating the Customer Experience & Building Trust

Speaking of asking for the same document multiple times…customers really find that annoying. Do any of these sound familiar?

“I already provided that document to Sally when I set up my deposit account.”

“What do you mean you can’t find my company’s formation documents?”

“Why do I get multiple letters from your bank? It would be nice to just get a single letter.”

Keeping customer documentation in AccuAccount empowers a bank’s staff to operate from the same system of record. In fact, multiple users can access the same customer record at the same time from different geographic locations. Red and green exception indicators make it plain to see what’s actually in the file and what’s missing. Combining multiple exceptions into a single notice letter is easy with AccuAccount, which ultimately makes life pleasant for the customer.

Drag and Drop AccuAccount Imaging

Elevate Customer Relationships with AccuAccount

Interested in exploring all that AccuAccount has to offer?

Contact us to schedule a free demo of AccuAccount for your bank. We also offer an on-demand video library with software demos and product webinars.

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