Bank Task Management Software: Meet AccuAccount

Let’s be honest: there’s a lot going on at your bank.

Your loan pipeline is (thankfully) packed full of new lending opportunities. Approvals, although more efficient than years past, still require a lot of coordination between different stakeholders. And, the fun doesn’t stop once the loan is booked. Each year brings new financials, proofs of insurance, tax returns, and countless follow-up activities.

With so many moving parts, it’s easy to overlook important tasks.

To keep it all together, you need an integrated bank task management software. Luckily for you, AccuAccount is here to help. Our platform offers imaging, document tracking, and task management within a single platform.

Here’s how it works.

Sticky Notes, Anyone?

Quick question. Which of the following best describes your to-do list?

  • I keep a handwritten journal
  • Sticky notes, sticky notes, and more sticky notes
  • I use a spreadsheet to organize my work
  • I downloaded a productivity app on my smartphone
  • To-do list…what to-do list?

I’m not here to pass judgement on how you manage your time, but I would like to get you thinking. For example, let’s look at handwritten journals and sticky notes. Sure, scratching things down on paper seems innocent enough. And, on the surface, there’s no tangible cost associated with this approach (other than the nominal office supply expense). So, what’s wrong with a paper-based approach to project management?

I’m glad you asked!

Accountability Issues: Let’s assume everyone at your bank uses paper for task tracking. Where can you go to see what others are working on? Nowhere…that’s where. Instead, you’ll have to call and interrupt each colleague for a status update. That’s always an awkward conversation.

Redundancy Issues: You’ve always dreamed of taking that two-week excursion to the Swiss Alps. With everything spread among sticky notes and journals, your workload seems too overwhelming to offload. So, for now, your only option is to just keep dreaming…

Prioritization Overload: How do you prioritize 23 sticky notes and a notebook full of ideas? You can’t. It’s just that simple.

Why Spreadsheets & Smartphone Apps Fail

“But Alan,” you say, “our bank doesn’t use handwritten to-do lists. We digitized our task management workflow a few years ago.” I’m happy to hear that, but is it really much better than a paper-based approach?

I’d say no, and here’s why:

Spreadsheets are easily manipulated: Some banks create project spreadsheets on a network drive. Although spreadsheets are certainly easy to use, they’re also easily manipulated. Missed a due date? Oops! Time to covertly extend the date in cell B13 by a week or two.

Smartphone apps don’t show the “big picture”: Just open your smartphone’s app store and search for “productivity.” There are literally hundreds of productivity apps to choose from. Unfortunately, few (if any) make it easy to see the big picture across your bank. Each app is installed on each user’s phone, providing limited opportunities for delegation or accountability reporting.

The Best of Both Worlds: AccuAccount for Tasks

Most banks become interested in our AccuAccount platform for one of two reasons:

  1. Document imaging
  2. Exception management (aka document tracking)

However, after seeing a demo of our software, bankers are often surprised to learn about another powerful feature: task management. Remember that AccuAccount seamlessly connects to over 30 core banking systems. This means that all of your most important customer, account, relationship, and collateral information flows nightly into AccuAccount. This opens up countless opportunities for productivity tracking, which is exactly why we built our task management feature set.

Let’s imagine that a particular customer still has not submitted her financial statements for 2016. Notice letters and phone calls don’t seem to be working, so you need your assistant to try following up via email. Just open the customer’s page in AccuAccount, add your custom task, assign it to your assistant with a due date, and get back to your work.

Once assigned, your assistant will receive an email notification from AccuAccount, letting him know of the assignment. No more forgetting about important tasks – everything is right there in AccuAccount. It’s even linked to the correct customer, making it easier for staff to do their jobs!

Automated Delegation

Many of the things that happen at your bank follow a predictable pattern, such as when a customer pays off a loan. For each paid down note, your bank will likely need to:

  • Cancel the tax service
  • Complete loan checklists
  • Contact the insurance company to cancel loss payee clause
  • Follow up for recorded releases
  • Release collateral
  • Return paid notes and releases to the borrower
  • Scan transaction history

If you’re using AccuAccount to manage tasks, manually creating each one can seem like a waste of time. For this reason, AccuAccount lets you configure task groups. For any customer, account, or collateral, you’ll be able to initiate multiple tasks in a single click. Within seconds, you can create an actionable game plan that’s both trackable and reliable.

Exception Tax Returns New UI

Task groups can be set to occur sequentially or concurrently, depending on how your bank does things. With AccuAccount, you have the flexibility to build workflows that make sense for your financial institution.

See Our Bank Task Management Software

Ready to learn how AccuAccount can streamline the productivity at your bank? We’re happy to give you a no-obligation demo of our task management features. During the demo, be sure to ask about our integrated imaging and exception management functionality!

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