Exception Validator: Validates While You Sleep!

Imagine this: your bank hires a night shift manager, whose entire job is to validate banking exceptions between your document management software and core system. When you arrive in the morning, he has prepared an accurate report that lists all of the current exceptions that need action.

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, you don’t have the budget for another FTE.

Luckily, with AccuAccount’s nightly exception validator and reporting system, you don’t need to add additional staff. The software automates the entire process for you, simplifying the exception maintenance process.

Here’s how it works.

Nightly Validation of Banking Exceptions

The exception validator is a nightly process that automates all of your exceptions in one central location. Track everything you want to see (including document, task, and policy exceptions) on a single report.

As the exception validation process runs each night, it automatically searches for missing documents, expired exceptions, and anything else that your bank needs to track. This process allows you to stay aware of tasks that need to be completed to keep your customer accounts current – without any extra effort by you or your staff.

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Up-to-Date Reporting (in Your Inbox)

Start your morning with a cup of coffee and a prebuilt action plan from AccuAccount. This report can be customized to include the information that matters most to you. You may opt to receive it daily, weekly, monthly, or at a different frequency. You can define who receives the report, the format of the report (email, PDF, or .CSV), and much more. Best of all, the integrity of the data can be trusted thanks to the exception validation process.

Exception Report Email

Report automation helps your financial institution create and maintain transparent processes. This also helps to provide clarity, making communication with customers, auditors, and everyone in your office much simpler. Instead of manually updating outdated tickler systems, AccuAccount does the heavy lifting for you. When circumstances change, you’re notified automatically so that you can take action (instead of trying to figure out what went wrong with your manual tracking process).

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Creating workflows helps your financial institution work smarter. AccuAccount’s nightly validation and reporting functionality offers your bank the opportunity to reduce overhead and improve customer service.

See the difference that AccuAccount can make for your bank. Talk to one of our experts about getting accurate exception reports delivered to your inbox today!

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