Bank Operations Deposits

Leveraging Technology to Streamline Frontline Operations

by Cathy Cirullo • November 26, 2018

Customers consider your frontline staff to be the face of your bank. And, as your bank’s Deposit Operations Manager, it’s your job to ensure that the retail team delivers a friction-free experience. Unfortunately, without the right banking processes, your tellers and other frontline staff may struggle to live up to expectations. That’s especially true when […]

AccuAccount Logo

$3.6 Billion Bank Selects AccuAccount for Deposit Tracking

by Jennifer Mitchell • October 10, 2018

AccuSystems is pleased to announce the addition of its newest customer, CresCom Bank, a $3.6 billion bank headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. CresCom Bank has more than 60 branches spread across North Carolina and South Carolina. To fulfill its mission of delivering competitive community banking products and superior service experiences, CresCom offers a broad spectrum […]

Suspicious Activity Report Management

Suspicious Activity Report Management

by Jennifer Mitchell • June 15, 2018

“Frankly, I’m worried that the customer is doing something illegal.” As you hear your bank’s most seasoned teller utter these words, you know that you’re dealing with a very sensitive situation. On the one hand, you’re well aware of the Bank Secrecy Act and its anti-money laundering requirements. Your financial institution must take such allegations […]

Manage DDA Accounts

Streamline New DDAs by Going Paperless

by Jennifer Mitchell • April 19, 2018

Everyone in your town loves Freddy. After all, Freddy Marino is the face of the community’s favorite restaurant: Freddy’s Pizza, Wings & Subs. When you want to watch the big game and enjoy a tasty pizza, there’s no better place than Freddy’s. Since opening his first location over twenty years ago, your financial institution has […]

Deposit Account Tip: Customer Verification in AccuAccount

by Ryan Tomkins • February 15, 2016

Your bank likely has a policy in place for cash withdrawals over a certain amount. In these cases, the bank teller typically asks the customer to provide his or her driver’s license for identification verification. While this step can be a necessary safeguard for managing risk, without the proper technology it can also create a […]

Exceeding Expectations of a Younger Demographic in Branch Transactions

by Jennifer Mitchell • February 11, 2014

As we spotlighted in a recent post, mobile banking users indicated they preferred to handle their transactions online. These same users, however, indicated that when choosing a bank, they expect a business to be within a driving distance of 5 miles from their home. As banks increase their online presence, capabilities, and continue to build optimized […]

Achieving Total Efficiency: Check and Document Imaging

by Jennifer Mitchell • August 26, 2013

Financial institutions work hard to keep pace with technology, and, of course, it is to their advantage to do so. From the customer service side, banks and credit unions are creating mobile websites and apps to make banking easier. Internally, institutions are using software applications to become leaner and more agile. One feature that serves […]

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