Bank Policies Procedures

How to Securely Store (& Share) Bank Imaging Policies & Procedures

by Cathy Cirullo • January 3, 2019

A well-crafted bank document imaging policy is a key component of any successful document management strategy. Imaging procedures, which support the ongoing adherence to the policy, are equally vital for ensuring compliance, quality control, and operational efficiency. To maximize employee buy-in and increase organizational transparency, forward-thinking banks implement solutions that enable secure, electronic sharing of […]

Bank Document Imaging Policy

Bank Document Imaging Policy

by Cathy Cirullo • December 10, 2018

“Do you have a sample bank document imaging policy that we can use?” We hear this question quite often here at AccuSystems. And, perhaps for good reason. Although digitizing your bank’s loans, deposits, and trusts is an excellent way to reduce risk and boost efficiency, doing so does yield a few new obligations. One such […]

Restricting Access to Employee Account Info at Banks

Restricting Access to Employee Account Info at Banks

by Jennifer Mitchell • June 22, 2018

Your employees are some of your financial institution’s biggest advocates. They’re not shy to tell family members, friends, and virtually anyone else about your institution’s great products and services. It’s no surprise why your employees are so passionate. After all, most of them do all of their banking with your financial institution. Checking accounts, health […]

Managing Dormant Accounts: Reducing Risk via Integration

by Jennifer Mitchell • May 18, 2018

Dormant accounts pose a serious risk for financial institutions of all asset sizes. Although some of the responsibility for maintaining account security should fall on your customers’ shoulders, your institution is by no means off the hook. To prevent dormant accounts from falling into the wrong hands, most banks and credit unions have internal policies […]

Accounts Payable Software

Accounts Payable Software for Banks

by Jennifer Mitchell • February 1, 2018

Your bank has very ambitious goals for 2018. Is another acquisition on the horizon? Will you open more branches in adjacent markets? Only time will tell, but your gut says it’s going to be another very busy year. As your bank continues to expand at a rapid pace, prolonged reliance on paper documents and courier […]

How to Build a 360-Degree View of Each Customer at Your Bank

by Alan Wooldridge • May 31, 2017

Each customer who walks into your bank has a unique story. Mr. Perkins has been banking with you for his entire adult life. Mrs. Jones is a relatively new customer, who recently switched over her personal checking and several business accounts. And, no one could forget about Mr. Antonelli, one of the most important (and […]

Desktop vs. Barcode Scanning: Which is Better for Your Bank?

by Ryan Tomkins • February 27, 2017

How does your bank capture document images? Do you use a traditional desktop scanning method, or do you prefer working with barcode scanners? With the traditional direct scanning method, you simply scan an individual document into your system. Barcode scanning allows you to print barcodes and image multiple items without needing to scan each individual […]

Scan Paper Files in Minutes (with Bank Barcode Scanning)

by Jennifer Mitchell • November 8, 2016

Feeling stressed? Knowing that your institution has an ever-growing mountain of paper files just waiting to be scanned can certainly be overwhelming. But, with the right tools at your disposal, this formerly arduous process can be completed in record time. In our recent webinar, Reduce Stress with Better Scanning, we discussed several scanning strategies that […]

Study: Automated Workflows at Financial Institutions

by Jennifer Mitchell • May 28, 2015

What workflow technologies add the greatest value to organizations such as yours? To answer this question, we recently conducted a survey of 95 community banks. You can download a summary report of our study here. Upon reviewing all of the responses we received from bankers, we feel that one banker related the struggle that many […]

Managing Customer Information Electronically

by Jennifer Mitchell • April 27, 2015

Maintaining convenient access to customer information and documents enhances your bank’s productivity. An increasing number of institutions are turning to electronic document management systems to do exactly that. In this post, we’ll explore how AccuAccount allows you to keep this customer information organized for your financial institution. Easy Access to Customer Contact Information Within AccuAccount, there are […]

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