Trust Officers: Meet Your New Best Friend

by Cathy Cirullo • October 15, 2018

Your financial institution places significant responsibility upon your shoulders. After all, as the bank’s Trust Officer, you’re tasked with maintaining a delicate balance between customer satisfaction, prudent decision making, efficient recordkeeping, and, of course, regulatory compliance. Since taking over the department, your bank has experienced rapid growth in its number of trust accounts – a […]

Trust Tickler: Automating Your Bank’s Trust Operations

by Cathy Cirullo • August 29, 2018

As the bank’s trust officer, you’re ultimately responsible for ensuring a friction-free customer experience. Trouble is, managing the many moving parts of trust accounts can seem like an impossible endeavor. No two trusts are exactly alike, each having its own unique and complex relationships, stipulations, and ongoing obligations. Manual ticklers and spreadsheets are common solutions […]

Trust Document Management: How AccuAccount Helps

by Alan Wooldridge • June 12, 2017

Your bank’s trust department provides a very diverse set of services to the community. In some situations, your institution makes payments and pays bills in accordance with the trust terms. In other situations, your bank may serve as the sole trustee, assuming additional decision making responsibilities. Your bank probably also manages (and in some cases […]

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