Commercial Bank of Texas Switches to AccuAccount

“AccuAccount is simple, but it’s also sophisticated at the same time.”

—Gabe Lindsay, AVP-Manager Loan Administration at Commercial Bank of Texas

cbtx logoFounded in 1901, Commercial Bank of Texas (“CBTx”) has grown into a $1.2 billion financial institution with 22 locations across northeast Texas. Known for providing a “Banking Texas style” experience, CBTx offers a variety of financial products and services for businesses and individuals.

For years, CBTx had scanned and stored electronic copies of important documents, primarily for disaster recovery purposes. However, as the bank added more branches and additional employees, the need for a more advanced solution became clear. In this case study, you’ll learn why CBTx chose AccuAccount.

Last, But Certainly Not Least

CBTx’s previous imaging system failed to align with the bank’s evolving document management needs. “We had grown to the point that we had to do something else,” said Gabe Lindsay, AVP-Manager Loan Administration at Commercial Bank of Texas. “We needed something that could be a living, working imaging system and also support our tracking needs.”

Seeking a platform to simplify the management of its customer financial statements, CBTx set up demos with several software vendors—including AccuSystems. After sitting through multiple demos earlier in the day, Lindsay recalls his skepticism and fatigue leading into the call with AccuSystems (which happened to be his last demo of the day). “I remember being worn out with the other demos and thinking that this isn’t going to be better than the others,” Lindsay said.

To Lindsay’s surprise, the best was yet to come.

Minutes into the conversation with AccuSystems, Lindsay could already see the potential for AccuAccount. “Not only could it do imaging, but it could also do automated letters, reports, and tracking,” Lindsay said. “And, not only financial statements but also loan documents and collateral documents.”

The more that Lindsay learned about AccuAccount, the more he liked it. “Whenever we really dug in and got into the nitty-gritty, we really fell in love with AccuAccount,” Lindsay said. “It completely blew my mind.”

Needless to say, AccuAccount was the right solution for CBTx.

AccuAccount Laptop

Intuitive, Powerful, and Built for Efficiency

Since implementing AccuAccount, CBTx has already reaped numerous benefits—not the least of which includes strong buy-in from the bank’s growing user base. “The biggest benefit is that pretty much anybody can use it,” Lindsay said. “AccuAccount is simple, but it’s also sophisticated at the same time.”

In addition to leveraging many of the document imaging features, CBTx also utilizes AccuAccount’s built-in exception management features. The bank’s credit team was first to adopt exception tracking, and Lindsay’s group is midstream on switching over its processes.

Once exception tracking is fully transitioned, CBTx has its sights set on AccuApproval, AccuSystems’ loan approval workflow product. Automating various aspects of the lending process with AccuApproval will help CBTx reduce time-consuming administrative work and free up staff to focus on higher impact tasks. “When you have approximately 220 employees at a bank, you’ve got to come up with some additional efficiencies. We’re hopeful that AccuApproval will help us do that,” Lindsay said.

Managing even more documentation in AccuAccount is also a priority for CBTx. “My vision is to put everything in AccuAccount, which will make tracking and reporting even easier,” Lindsay said.

Achieve a Living, Working Imaging System for Your Bank

Ready to move beyond basic imaging and achieve a living, working imaging system like CBTx? Watch one of our on-demand AccuAccount demos or request a price quote.

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