Find What You’re Looking for Faster with CORELink for AccuAccount

Bank document management is so much more than file storage and retention. To maximize efficiency across multiple branches and departments, you need a system that makes it easy to find and view documents.

That’s one of the reasons why we built CORELink, a hotkey lookup feature that’s available on AccuAccount Pro and Enterprise. How does CORELink work? Simple:

  1. The banker hits “Control+Alt+A” on his or her keyboard.
  2. CORELink checks for any customer and account information on the banker’s screen.
  3. CORELink launches AccuAccount and returns the matching customer(s) and account(s).

CORELink works with your core, but it also works with other banking apps and tools, such as spreadsheets, CRMs, and even web browsers. Let’s explore a few CORELink use cases and how it can make life easier for your staff.

4 Common Use Cases

How can bankers use CORELink to quickly find information in AccuAccount? Here are a few example scenarios.

From the Core

Icon of a bank and computerExample scenario: Tony has held a checking account at your bank for many years. Today, he stopped by to inform the bank about his new mailing address and to inquire about a personal loan. After locating Tony in the core, your banker simply keys in “Control+Alt+A” to launch AccuAccount and pull up Tony’s latest documentation. Now the banker is ready to have an intelligent conversation about Tony’s banking needs—instead of manually jumping between systems and performing redundant searches.

From a Credit Analysis Tool

Icon of gears and a dollar signExample scenario: Freda is working on an important loan presentation for one of her largest customers. This customer already has several loans with the bank, so Freda knows that much of what she needs is already in AccuAccount. Without skipping a beat, she hits the hotkey shortcut on her keyboard to find the customer’s latest financial statements and tax return documents. CORELink may only save Freda a few minutes on this particular loan, but, when multiplied across 260+ work days per year, the savings really add up.

From a Spreadsheet

Icon of banking toolsExample scenario: Bankers love spreadsheets, and Rick is no exception. As his bank’s top lender, he has developed an intricate pipeline tracking spreadsheet for managing his potential loans. With CORELink, Rick is able to bridge the divide between his beloved spreadsheet and AccuAccount. For example, if Rick is viewing a list of five commercial relationships in his spreadsheet, he could simply type in “Control+Alt+A” to view a list of the same customers in AccuAccount (assuming that they already exist).

From a CRM

Icon of users and dollar signExample scenario: CORELink can be incredibly useful for banks that have moved beyond lending spreadsheets. Whether your CRM is cloud-enabled or installed on users’ desktops, CORELink provides a quick and easy way to find customer and account information in AccuAccount.

Simple Feature, Big Potential Benefits

CORELink may seem like a pretty simple feature, but the benefits of using it can be substantial:

Enhanced customer service: Manually navigating between software login screens and searching for passwords creates delays for your customers. CORELink can shave seconds or minutes off of each documentation lookup, which ultimately results in a better experience for customers.

Streamlined experience for staff: Lenders want to focus on lending. Tellers want to focus on assisting walk-in or drive-through customers. And, back-office staff want to focus on increasing operational efficiency and quality control. A tool like CORELink makes it easier for users across the bank to find what they’re looking for with less frustration.

Increased efficiency: Reducing unnecessary administrative work frees up bankers to do what they do best. CORELink makes users more productive, which translates into increased efficiency for your bank.

Interested in CORELink?

Contact us to see a demo of AccuAccount and to learn more about CORELink. You can also compare plan options and request a quote on our pricing page.

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