$3.6 Billion Bank Selects AccuAccount for Deposit Tracking

AccuSystems is pleased to announce the addition of its newest customer, CresCom Bank, a $3.6 billion bank headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina.

CresCom Bank has more than 60 branches spread across North Carolina and South Carolina. To fulfill its mission of delivering competitive community banking products and superior service experiences, CresCom offers a broad spectrum of banking solutions, including personal checking and savings accounts, investment services, commercial loans and accounts, mortgage lending, online banking, and much more.

We’re excited that CresCom Bank’s deposit team has moved forward with our AccuAccount Track platform,” said Alan Wooldridge, President of AccuSystems, LLC. “We’re confident that our software will result in new efficiencies for the bank and yield a positive return on investment.”

AccuAccount is a top-rated bank document management system, integrating imaging and exception tracking under one roof. Since 2001, more than 15,000 banking professionals have trusted AccuAccount to streamline loan documentation, trusts, and deposits.

When it comes to deposit tracking, AccuAccount offers a robust suite of compliance reporting features. Banks rely on AccuAccount to centralize exception reporting and tracking of:

  • Signature cards
  • Deposit agreements
  • CD renewals
  • Credit reports
  • Deposit-related tasks
  • Comments

“AccuAccount Track simplifies the time-consuming aspects of document tracking and reporting,” Wooldridge said. “Banks that deploy an electronic deposit tracking system, such as AccuAccount, enjoy greater visibility and transparency, enhanced reporting, and smoother audits and exams.”

To request pricing or obtain additional information about AccuAccount, click here to watch a brief introductory video about our document tracking software.

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