Deposit Account Tip: Customer Verification in AccuAccount

Your bank likely has a policy in place for cash withdrawals over a certain amount. In these cases, the bank teller typically asks the customer to provide his or her driver’s license for identification verification.

While this step can be a necessary safeguard for managing risk, without the proper technology it can also create a slowdown in your customer queue. Slowdowns create a friction point for your customers, which ultimately impacts your institution’s reputation in the community.

In this post, we’ll explore a quick feature in AccuAccount to help streamline the customer verification process.

Save Time With AccuAccount

AccuAccount offers a feature to make the identification verification process faster and easier for both customers and tellers.

When the teller is in the core system, he or she can type in a hotkey function (such as Control+Alt+L) to launch AccuAccount. AccuAccount will automatically search for the customer’s number. Rather than asking the customer to find his or her driver’s license, the teller can locate the necessary identification information right on the screen.

AccuAccount Deposit Signature Card View

AccuAccount automatically finds the customer in the system and displays the split screen view shown in the image above. This view allows the teller to see both the customer’s signature card and driver’s license in a matter of seconds. The streamlined identification verification system saves time and hassle for everyone, resulting in happier customers and more efficient employees.

Multiply the Impact

Now assume, for a moment, that the average teller is able to save twenty seconds for each verification by leveraging this automation approach. Next, assume that the average teller can use this process ten times daily. Over the course of a 260-day work year, the average teller might expect to save over fourteen hours instead of manually searching for signature verification information. Talk about a big impact!

Streamline Your Deposit Verification Process

Want to learn more about how AccuAccount can streamline processes and save your bank time and money? Chat now with our team today and see how our platform can streamline your institution’s deposit account verification.

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