$288 Million Bank in MN Picks AccuAccount for Exception Management

Today we’re excited to announce yet another sale in the state of Minnesota. First Independent Bank, a $288 million bank based in Russell, Minnesota, is the latest community bank to choose AccuAccount.

With a history that dates back to 1903, First Independent Bank is recognized for being big enough to know business but small enough to know their customers. The financial institution is especially known for its ag lending expertise, in particular livestock lending. The bank also offers a variety of other business banking solutions along with personal banking services and accounts.

“Managing the many moving parts of agricultural lending is increasingly complex,” said Alan Wooldridge, President of AccuSystems, LLC. “AccuAccount helps ag lenders track all of their documents, exceptions, and tasks in an intuitive electronic ecosystem.”

AccuAccount is a bank document management system that’s built specifically for the needs of commercial lenders. 15,000 bankers use AccuAccount to manage loan documents, account statements, notice letters, exceptions, and other related information. AccuAccount integrates to more than 30 core banking systems, offering a 360-degree view of each customer relationship. By selecting AccuAccount Pro, First Independent Bank gains access to the following features:

  • Document imaging for customers and accounts
  • Missing, expiring, and policy exception tracking
  • Electronic document retention / purge
  • Notice letter automation
  • Audit and exam preparation
  • Core system integration

“AccuAccount Pro is an excellent solution for ag lenders who wish to streamline their document management processes and reduce or eliminate exception-related headaches,” Wooldridge said.

Interested in learning more about AccuAccount? Schedule a personalized demo of our software or register for the next AccuAccount Live.

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