$120 Million Bank Chooses Tickler for Exception Tracking

We’re excited to welcome First National Bank of Bosque County to the AccuSystems family. First National Bank of Bosque County is a $120 million bank based in Valley Mills, Texas.

First National Bank of Bosque County traces its roots back to 1896. The financial institution received its National Charter in 1908 and has maintained the same location in Valley Mills for more than 100 years. The bank provides a variety of services to the families and businesses of central Texas, including commercial loans, consumer loans, real estate loans, deposit accounts, merchant credit card processing, and many other services.

“For over 110 years, First National Bank of Bosque County has been a trusted name in central Texas,” said Alan Wooldridge, President of AccuSystems, LLC. “We’re honored that our Tickler software is going to be part of the institution’s bright future.”

Tickler Tracking System is a desktop exception management tool that simplifies document tracking. More than 1,500 bankers across the United States use Tickler to reduce exceptions, create reports, and generate notice letters. By selecting Tickler for its tracking needs, First National Bank of Bosque County gains access to the following features:

  • Exception management & reporting
  • Missing & expiring document tracking
  • Notice letter automation
  • Customized document schedules
  • Best-in-class support and training

“Tickler eliminates the need for exception tracking spreadsheets,” Wooldridge said. “With Tickler, banks and credit unions can achieve a scalable document tracking solution that reduces compliance issues and increases efficiency.”

Tickler is available as a free 60-day trial for banks and credit unions of any asset size. Click here to request a 60-day free trial of Tickler.

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