[Webinar Archive] How to Select Bank Software with Gonzo Banker

AccuSystems partnered with Gonzo Banker in this webinar to offer a free educational tutorial on how to select the best banking software application for your institution’s needs.

During the webinar, we cover the best practices for banks to utilize when selecting and implementing new software applications. 

There’s no shortage of software options today, but “inspiration overload” as you click through ads can get multiple departments thinking about optimizations in totally different directions.

The “software stack” your bank elects ultimately has to include the most complete solutions possible that correspond with your needs. Otherwise, you end up piecing together a dozen solutions that add up in cost and ultimately don’t “talk” to each other, creating new holes in processes and data integrity.

For real optimization plus the confidence that you’re selecting the absolute best software solution for your bank, watch the webinar video below.

What is Banking Software?

Banking software today comes in many forms including desktop apps and systems that integrate directly into your core, such as AccuAccount

In total, banking software includes any program that enables the management, monitoring or control of your institution’s operations, from internal document storage to loan workflows and client transactions.

Watch the Video: Guaranteeing Success

We’re pleased to offer the entire video transcript of the webinar. Click the video below to watch it. You can also watch the video on Youtube.com.


What’s Covered in the Video

During the one-hour webinar, we touch on a lot of topics. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see in the video:

  • Gonzo Banker’s recommendations for selecting new software
  • Common mistakes to avoid when selecting bank software
  • An example featuring a $250 million bank
  • Considerations for selecting a document management software
  • How to guarantee success from new software applications

Implementing Bank Software

Once you select the best banking software, the next responsibility is to implement it. This includes the installation and the full onboarding of staff. Even then, your job isn’t quite done: your bank needs a “local expert” on your team who’s versed enough in the software that you can ensure you’re getting everything out of the solutions that you can.

Enterprise-level solutions like AccuSystems have implementation processes of their own so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Over the years, we’ve continuously refined our implementation process to meet the needs of the hundreds of community institutions we serve. 

Our implementation process outlined step-by-step for you is game-changing for your institution.


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