Why a Lending Dashboard Keeps Your Bank on the Right Path

Another busy day draws to a close. And, like most days, you exit the bank and stroll toward your car. As you flop down into the driver’s seat, you notice something is wrong – seriously wrong. For whatever reason, your entire dashboard is missing. No speedometer, fuel gauge, or tire pressure indicator. No tachometer, oil pressure gauge, or service engine soon light. It’s all gone.

Do you start your engine and drive off? Of course not. Doing so would be irresponsible, to say the least.

So, how does this ridiculous example relate to banking?

Although bankers are rarely in danger of bodily harm (at least during work hours), they may be unknowingly endangering their financial institutions. How? By operating without a lending dashboard – that’s how.

In this post, we’ll explore how a lending dashboard can help keep your bank on the right path.

Supercharged & Real-Time

Your lending engine has a lot of moving parts. For starters, each new application must be efficiently collected, scanned, and routed for internal approval. Things invariably get stuck during the approval process, requiring constant oversight by your back-office staff. And, once approved, the fun doesn’t stop. Approved loans must be booked to the core in a timely fashion, thereby triggering even more administrative work for your staff. Multiply this across the hundreds of loans in your pipeline, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

A lending dashboard, such as AccuAccount, aggregates your most important pipeline and post-booking activity into an intuitive view. Instead of digging through countless spreadsheets or printed reports, AccuAccount offers real-time access to the status info you need most.

Keep Things Hummin’ with Customized Gauges

Unlike your car’s dashboard, AccuAccount lets you pick which gauges to display, making it easier for you to do your job. Mix and match from our library of widgets, such as:

  • Tasks assigned to you
  • Tasks assigned to your direct reports
  • Loan applications that are awaiting your action
  • Loans pending final sign-off
  • Loans ready to be booked to the core

Each user at your bank will also receive timely product news via the AccuSystems news widget. Gain access to product feature updates, important training announcements, and other best practices without ever leaving AccuAccount.

Warning Sensors Help You Avoid a Breakdown

The dreaded “service engine soon” light usually leads to a costly visit with the mechanic. On the other hand, ignoring the light can lead to bigger problems.

Your bank is no different. Missing documents, undocumented policy exceptions, lost loan applications, and approval delays can put you on a collision course with auditors, examiners, and unhappy customers.

An AccuAccount dashboard helps you prevent total breakdown by centralizing your exception data, past-due loan applications, and delinquent tasks into a single screen. For an even more refined view, filter each view by loan officer or user.


Get Your Lending Dashboard

Driving without a dashboard is a bad idea. The same is true for the lending process. If you’re tired of doing your job without the right information, I’d encourage you to consider AccuAccount. Our software is trusted by more than 14,000 community bankers just like you. Go paperless, reduce exceptions, improve your audit prep process – and, most importantly, gain real-time access to important information.

Ready to get started? Click here to view our plans or to live chat with one of our US-based team members.

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