Loan Pipeline Optimization

There’s no question that loan pipeline reports are vital to your bank. In fact, the loan pipeline is likely the heart of your institution’s revenue stream.

But what if it’s difficult for your lenders to create accurate reports? A bank (let’s call it First Commerce Bank) recently contacted the AccuSystems team, searching for a better solution to pipeline reporting – one that eliminated the large amounts of time-consuming manual entry on the part of its lenders.

This article explains their journey to a better loan pipeline process.

Bad Reporting is Often a Symptom of a Deeper Issue

After an in-depth review, our team at AccuSystems recognized that First Commerce Bank’s issue was larger than its problem with arduous pipeline reporting. Instead, streamlining the institution’s entire loan approval process was the real challenge.

The AccuSystems experts recommended implementing AccuAccount along with the AccuApproval module. Once in place, all loan documents can be scanned into AccuAccount. The system can also be configured to interface with the most popular core banking systems. This integration allows information to be entered into one system, and fields in the other databases are automatically populated.


Adding the AccuApproval module provides a seamless flow of loan information from inception to close – and beyond, as in the case of updated financials.

Better In, Better Out

First Commerce Bank immediately noticed time savings with the AccuAccount advantage. Documents are now electronically captured as they are submitted or generated during application, underwriting, and approval, eliminating the need to rescan and reindex them once the loan is closed. No longer needing to key data into multiple systems, lenders also became significantly more accurate and efficient – and less frustrated.

Upload to AccuAccount

In addition, the AccuApproval module guides the entire loan process by keeping track of submitted documents and also indicating which ones are still missing. First Commerce Bank’s underwriters save time as well, as AccuApproval only allows loan information to move on to them once all needed documents have been submitted.

This much-needed systemic change also had a major impact for the bank on a larger scale. Now, through AccuApproval, the loan management team has easy access to more accurate and robust pipeline reports at their fingertips whenever they need them. Armed with this information, the group can get a more complete picture of where loans are in the approval process and how many are expected to close, and it’s easier for them to keep track of key performance indicators.

A New Era

AccuAccount and AccuApproval have revolutionized virtually every aspect of First Commerce Bank’s loan process. Gone are the days of paper loan files, incomplete documentation in the hands of underwriters, time-consuming manual entry, and difficulties with pipeline reporting. If your bank is still bogged down with these inefficiencies, it’s time for a change.

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