New Account Boarding Document Structure

New Account Boarding: Automating Your Doc Structure

by Cathy Cirullo • April 22, 2019

Your financial institution offers an ever-increasing number of banking products – both on the commercial and consumer sides of the business. Checking and savings accounts, consumer loans, small business loans, IRAs, lines of credit, and credit cards are just a few examples. With so many new customers and accounts to keep organized, managing all of […]

Bank Retention Schedule

Automating Compliance for Your Bank Retention Schedule

by Cathy Cirullo • September 28, 2018

“Steve, it’s that time of the month again. We need you to go down into storage, find the records set for destruction, and shred them.” As you descend into the crypt-like catacombs of the downtown branch, you can’t help but feel discouraged. “Is this really the best use of my time?,” you think to yourself. […]

Trust Tickler: Automating Your Bank’s Trust Operations

by Cathy Cirullo • August 29, 2018

As the bank’s trust officer, you’re ultimately responsible for ensuring a friction-free customer experience. Trouble is, managing the many moving parts of trust accounts can seem like an impossible endeavor. No two trusts are exactly alike, each having its own unique and complex relationships, stipulations, and ongoing obligations. Manual ticklers and spreadsheets are common solutions […]

Tax Return Management

Tax Returns: Open the Flood Gates

by Jennifer Mitchell • April 9, 2018

April 15th is an all-too-familiar date for the business owners that your bank serves. For sole proprietors, C corporations, and individuals throughout the United States, April 15th (or April 17th as the calendar falls this year) represents the ultimate “hard deadline.” Unless an extension is filed, taxpayers must submit their returns by this date. As […]

Reports AccuAccount

Dynamic Reporting: Slice & Dice Your Data

by Jennifer Mitchell • March 12, 2018

As a commercial loan processor, you have a lot on your plate. In addition to processing documentation, ensuring completeness of loan files, scanning and indexing documents, and countless other important tasks, you’re also responsible for tracking lending-related exceptions. With each new loan that is booked to the core, your list of exceptions expands exponentially. What’s […]

Adverse Actions Loan Approval

How to Automate Secondary Reviews of Adverse Actions

by Jennifer Mitchell • December 28, 2017

Roy has been a commercial lender at your bank for over 35 years. (He likes to point that out at every chance he gets.) And, he’s especially good at engaging customers. His ability to understand each business owner’s needs is uncanny. So much so, in fact, that several clients have tried luring Roy away over […]

Bank Task Management Software: Meet AccuAccount

by Alan Wooldridge • July 27, 2017

Let’s be honest: there’s a lot going on at your bank. Your loan pipeline is (thankfully) packed full of new lending opportunities. Approvals, although more efficient than years past, still require a lot of coordination between different stakeholders. And, the fun doesn’t stop once the loan is booked. Each year brings new financials, proofs of […]

Bank Customer Onboarding

Bank Customer Onboarding: Back Office Automation

by Alan Wooldridge • March 22, 2017

Your bank is growing, which is of course great news. Unfortunately, such expansion is not without its fair share of growing pains. For example, onboarding each new customer and associated accounts requires a noticeable amount of administrative work by your team. With so many new customers being added each day, your staff can barely keep […]

How to Automate Your Bank’s Loan Participations

by Jennifer Mitchell • December 5, 2016

Loan participations can present new opportunities for your bank and simultaneously reduce risk. Although there are a number of obvious benefits associated with participation loans, it can be challenging to track annual documents and downstream communication. Our customers have been asking for a better way to share documents and information with participant banks. In response […]

Bank Exception Notice Letters: Automating the Process

by Ryan Tomkins • March 15, 2016

Community banks face ever-rising compliance risks and costs. These risks must be properly managed, which requires institutions to constantly seek new strategies and technology. Such programs can be costly to implement and often cause budget reallocation. On the other hand, automation of traditionally manual, labor-intensive processes can be a useful strategy for freeing up capital. […]

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