Relationship Management

Related Entities

Tracking Customers & Their Related Entities

by Jennifer Mitchell • May 22, 2018

Everyone knows that Lloyd is one of the most well-connected people in the area. After all, it was Lloyd who founded your town’s first business incubation center more than a decade ago. Since then, he’s started several successful companies of his own, served on a few boards of directors, and even finds time to volunteer […]

CIP Document Management

Customer Identification Program (CIP) Recordkeeping

by Jennifer Mitchell • May 9, 2018

“A bank’s CIP must include recordkeeping procedures.” ~Bank Secrecy Act Anti-Money Laundering Exam Manual Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council Since the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act, all banks have been required to keep a written CIP. As I’m sure you know, the point of the CIP (Customer Identification Program) is to ensure that banks […]

Document View for Lenders

Document View: A Gift for Lenders

by Jennifer Mitchell • November 14, 2017

Your lenders are the face of your bank. Most of their time is spent bringing in new business, but they also serve a vital role in keeping existing customers happy. When a customer has a concern about his line of credit, who is the first person he calls? It’s not your loan admin team – […]

How Credit and Loan Document Management Software Can Help

by Alan Wooldridge • August 9, 2017

Your financial institution does a lot of good for the local community. The IT startup north of town simply couldn’t make payroll without the line of credit you’ve extended. Roy’s excavating company is always looking for financing to add to his arsenal of earth-moving vehicles. And, who could forget about City Auto, which prides itself […]

How to Build a 360-Degree View of Each Customer at Your Bank

by Alan Wooldridge • May 31, 2017

Each customer who walks into your bank has a unique story. Mr. Perkins has been banking with you for his entire adult life. Mrs. Jones is a relatively new customer, who recently switched over her personal checking and several business accounts. And, no one could forget about Mr. Antonelli, one of the most important (and […]

Why Back-Office Lending Automation Enhances Customer Satisfaction

by Alan Wooldridge • May 9, 2017

Disclaimer: The following post was originally published on the Commercial Finance Association blog. (Re-posted with permission.) Every bank strives to keep its customers happy. Of course, some institutions are better at achieving this goal than others. Competitive lending rates, reward programs, and customer appreciation events are just a few initiatives that banks employ to keep […]

Task Exceptions: Scalable Customer & Account Management

by Ryan Tomkins • June 14, 2016

To grow in today’s complex banking environment, your institution needs to implement scalable processes. This is especially true with regard to your document and exception management. When an employee goes on extended leave or is terminated, how will his or her replacement know what actions are needed? Of course, you could provide a training manual […]

Marketing Strategies for Commercial Products

by Jennifer Mitchell • August 6, 2015

Commercial lenders can have a hard time differentiating themselves in today’s competitive banking environment. The services offered are intangibles, and, as any expert will tell you, it’s quite difficult to build strong marketing campaigns around things people can’t touch. However, a bank is a very important institution for an individual or a business, and there […]

Good Record Keeping = Better Close Rate

by Jennifer Mitchell • July 15, 2015

If given the choice between selling to new or existing customers, it’s really a no-brainer. Statistics vary, but in general, it is between five and ten times more costly to acquire a new customer than sell to someone who already does business with your financial institution. When it comes to banking, businesses and individuals use […]

Managing Customer Information Electronically

by Jennifer Mitchell • April 27, 2015

Maintaining convenient access to customer information and documents enhances your bank’s productivity. An increasing number of institutions are turning to electronic document management systems to do exactly that. In this post, we’ll explore how AccuAccount allows you to keep this customer information organized for your financial institution. Easy Access to Customer Contact Information Within AccuAccount, there are […]

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