What is Banking Management Software?


Banks utilize a variety of management systems to ensure smooth operations and maintain compliance. The most common types of banking management software include:

Core software – The core system database is arguably the most important type of banking management software, as it is the source for information relating to loan and deposit accounts. The core performs a variety of mission-critical tasks, such as calculating interest owed to depositors as well as indicating payments that are due or past due. Executive reports can also be produced from core software.

Document preparation software – Banks use document prep software to generate new account and loan documents. Doc prep software helps banks eliminate administrative work while providing an added sense of uniformity to the lending process. It’s also become a vital component for ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations.

Document management software – Document management software saves banks time, space, and money by simplifying the storage and retrieval of important information. Electronic files can also be purged after mandatory retention requirements are fulfilled, thereby aligning with compliance guidelines. Software companies, such as AccuSystems, offer a variety of document management solutions for frontline and back office use cases.

Underwriting software – Underwriting software simplifies the collection and analysis of an applicant’s data so the bank can make an informed lending decision.

Teller platform software – Tellers use teller software to perform their day-to-day duties: accessing client accounts, processing deposits, cashing checks, and balancing their cash drawers.

Compliance management software – A variety of compliance-related apps exist to help banks streamline data collection and report preparation, such as federal call reports and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) reports.

Customer relationship management CRM software – The intent of a bank CRM program is to help with loan origination and application processing. CRM software can also be used to identify targeted lists of customers for digital and print advertising campaigns.

Banking Management Resources

For more information about banking management best practices, be sure to check out our extensive resource library with free spreadsheets, whitepapers, and ebooks.

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