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Community Bank Case Studies

Case Study eBook of 6 Community Banks

In this eBook, you’ll learn why six community banks opted for AccuAccount instead of core-provided modules. You’ll also learn how these financial institutions succeeded at their goals of reducing paper, boosting compliance, and streamlining exception management.


TicklerTrax™ Exception Management Spreadsheet

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use spreadsheet for tracking your bank’s exceptions, TicklerTrax is a great option. TicklerTrax allows you to manage credit, loan, deposit, and trust exceptions with a few clicks. All of your data is then aggregated into an engaging, dashboard-style interface.

Checklists & Templates

Credit Exception Checklist

Credit Exception Checklist

Use this customer document checklist to facilitate the credit exception tracking process for your financial institution. With this free downloadable template you can easily check credit document status, track any compliance issues, and ensure better communication related to the status of credit exception documents.

Loan Exception Checklist

Loan Exception Checklist

Download this free document checklist as a benchmark against your bank’s loan exception tracking process. With this template you can quickly check the status of each loan document, see which items need to be updated for compliance maintenance, and streamline the process of loan exception management.


Imaging ROI eBook

Imaging ROI eBook

If your financial institution has been considering investing in a new document management system, one of your top concerns is determining what you can expect in terms of a return on this investment. Written for banks, this eBook features tools and worksheets to help you investigate and analyze potential ROI for a document management system. The step-by-step guide will help you create a cost analysis, analyze your needs, and find an ROI conclusion that is tailored to your bank’s needs.

Vendor Selection eBook

Vendor Selection eBook

Choosing a product vendor for your bank is not a decision to take lightly. This eBook walks you through six keys steps for determining your financial institution’s needs, working with your stakeholders, selecting a vendor, and successfully implementing new software.

Imaging Benefits eBook

Imaging Benefits eBook

Discover how implementing a document imaging system can help your financial institution streamline processes and make loan portfolio management more efficient. From simpler audit preparation to fewer loan policy and document exceptions, a document management application can provide significant benefits for your bank.

Compliance eBook on Document Management eBook

Compliance eBook on Document Management

In this free eBook, you’ll encounter three compliance-related situations that may sound all-too-familiar to your financial institution. These fictitious and somewhat humorous situations, compiled from AccuSystems’ top-rated blog, cover the topics of policy exceptions, adverse actions, and disclosures.

Banking Studies

Bank Document Retention Study

This survey of 94 community banks provides perspective regarding document retention management. Learn how financial institutions use technology to reduce compliance issues and streamline processes related to document retention.

Bank Workflow Study

Routing and approving bank documents is an involved process. Find out how 95 financial institutions have improved workflow efficiency and what struggles they are still facing in regard to document workflow processes.

Document Imaging Processes

Document Imaging Study

Take a look at how financial institutions are managing document imaging processes and software. The results of this survey reveal data compiled from 103 community banks.

Audit and Exam Preparation Survey

Audit & Exam Prep Study

How do community banks manage external audit and examination preparation? From amount of time spent preparing to file use, you’ll discover answers in this survey of 187 financial institutions.

Document Capture Survey

Document Capture Study

How do financial institutions scan, index, and organize all of the credit and loan documents they receive? This survey of 119 banks reveals current industry standards and practices for document capture.

Loan Management Survey

Loan Management Study

Loan management can be an unwieldy process in the absence of well-defined workflows. Discover how the 80 financial institutions surveyed about loan management practices streamline their processes.

Exception Management Survey

Exception Management Study

Get an insider’s look at how banks manage document, policy, and loan covenant exceptions. Exception management offers an opportunity for many financial institutions to increase efficiency, as outlined in the results of this survey of 96 community banks.

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