[eBook] Compliance & Document Management

Compliance is a tricky subject – especially when your financial institution is reliant on paper documents and manual tickler systems. In this free eBook, published by technology company, AccuSystems, you’ll encounter three compliance-related situations that may sound all-too-familiar to your financial institution. These fictitious and somewhat humorous situations, compiled from AccuSystems’ top-rated banking blog, cover the topics of policy exceptions, adverse actions, and disclosures.

Compliance eBook on Document Management

What’s Covered in this eBook?

This eBook presents a number of scenarios relating to compliance and document management. By reading this eBook, you’ll learn how a paper-based approach to document management makes a difficult situation even more complicated. You’ll also learn how technology can solve many of the challenges traditionally associated with document management.

Loan Policy Exceptions

Managing loan policies is a lot easier when you have a comprehensive approach to document management.

Adverse Actions

Do you have an automated workflow for tracking and following up on adverse actions? Learn how to streamline this workflow.

Disclosure Compliance

Without a document tracking system, it’s easy to overlook certain disclosures and other necessary steps in the lending process.

About AccuSystems

AccuSystems provides quality document imaging solutions trusted by more than 15,000 users at community banks and credit unions. Our electronic imaging and intelligent document management tools make AccuSystems the clear choice for loan file imaging and advanced document management.

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