PDF Toolkit for AccuAccount

With the AccuAccount PDF toolkit, all of your current TIFF images will be converted to PDF format. The conversion process is flexible and can be defined by your bank. Many institutions choose to run the toolkit in the evenings and on weekends, as to reduce the load on your servers during business hours. The PDF toolkit also makes it possible to bookmark images and also do text searches within PDFs.

  • Faster than TIFF files
  • Requires less storage space on your servers
  • More widely used than TIFFs
  • Searchable
  • Easy to use

PDF technology offers many advantages when compared to maintaining TIFF files. PDF images are smaller in size and therefore take up less room on your servers. Auditors also appreciate the convenience of viewing PDFs, as opposed to installing a third-party TIFF image viewer.Learn more information about our TIFF to PDF conversion tool. Fill out the form to request pricing or to ask for additional information.

Why You’ll Love PDF Toolkit for AccuAccount

“The TIFF to PDF conversion opened up 500 GB of space on our server. It was easy. We had over 474,000 TIFF documents to convert and had only around 50 errors that were fixed easily. Our IT people are very happy!”

Janetta Kendrick
Bank of Blue Valley


Here are just a few reasons why your bank or credit union should give this module a try.

  • Time savings when loading images
  • Simplified viewing
  • PDFs are usually 50% smaller than TIFFs
  • Expedited uploading and indexing
  • Smoother emailing of documents
  • Convenient, off-hour conversion scheduling
  • Better audits and exam preparation
  • Automatic bookmarking
  • Full text search of PDF documents